Texas Tech University

March 28, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

We have received a note from HSC leadership that what is currently in short supply for health care professionals in the region is face and eye protection. We plan to do another sweep through campus laboratories to pick up any spare samples of the following types of face and eye protection: Face shields (medical, not welding) and glasses-like eye protection.

If you have such items you would like to donate, please contact David Weindorf (david.weindorf@ttu.edu), David Dorsett (david.dorsett@ttu.edu), or Matt Roe (matt.roe@ttu.edu) and we will respond to either pick up donated materials or coordinate a time/location for drop off.

We have also received an appeal from LISD regarding bags to hold meals for qualifying LISD students. If you have grocery-type bags or even lunch-sized brown bags you don't need, please let us know.


Joe Heppert

TTU Vice President for Research and Innovation

Office of Communications & Marketing