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Double T and Signature

The Double T is our most beloved and visible symbol. It plays a vital role in promoting Texas Tech University by providing a strong and recognizable graphic image which creates a great sense of pride and connection among all generations of the Texas Tech community.

With that in mind, we've created a Double T Signature for use when promoting the university.

Double T Signature Examples


University Wordmark

The word mark is a unique typographic element displaying the full name of Texas Tech University in a customized typeface. The word mark may be used on its own when a message is intended for an internal audience (already familiar with Texas Tech) or when space limitations do not allow for a graphic element.

Academic Coat of Arms Signatures

Double T Signatures

The Double T combined with Texas Tech University and the name of units (college, schools, departments, centers, institutes and administrative units) is called a Double T Signature.

Some institutes and centers with significant brand equity, market-facing brands with consumer audiences, or co-branding requirements may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Ranges of solutions are available for ensuring the visibility of the Texas Tech University endorsement. If you have questions regarding the appropriate signature for your unit, please contact Veronica Medina in the Office of Communications and Marketing at (806) 742-2136.

Academic Coat of Arms Signatures

Correct Use

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Always use the official versions

It is important that the Double T Signatures are always used in their correct forms. They should never be altered in shape or proportion or set in a different typeface, nor should they appear in any other than the approved colors shown within these guidelines. They should appear prominently and be used in their entirety when serving as the primary identifier for the institution.

Incorrect Use

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Consistent graphic presentation of the Double T and Signatures protects their integrity and contributes to uniform recognition. Please do not stretch or distort the marks in any way.

Color Applications

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When using the Double T or Double T Signature, the full-color version (with red, gray and black) is preferred. However, when situations dictate, the black & white version may be used. In all situations, refer to the TTU Identity Guidelines for logo usage rules.

Inside the logo packet you will find files labeled as 1C, 2C and 4C versions. The 1C and 2C versions are built using Spot colors, and are to be used when working with a Spot or 2-color print vendor. These vendors will specify when Spot color artwork is required. For all other applications, the 4C (otherwise known as "Process") versions should be used.

The logo packet is divided into two main folders, one for print and design purposes, the other for web, presentation or other on-screen purposes. It is important to choose the right file for the right application. For example, avoid using the hi-res TIFF file in your PowerPoint presentations. The PNG file will be best suited for virtually all on-screen uses. For questions about logo versions and file types, contact Veronica Medinain the Office of Communications and Marketing at (806) 742-2254.

Clear Space

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Maintaining a 'clear space' around the Double T signature and Signature will help to avoid any confusion that may result when competitive logos, marks or organization names are included in marketing and communication materials. For the Double T Signature, an easy rule of thumb is to measure the width of the Double T to determine the amount of clear space needed. Then, add that amount of space to all four sides of the Double T Signature. No graphic items or text of any kind should intrude into this clear space.

Academic Coat of Arms and Signature Clear Space

Correct Use of Double T

The Double T plays a vital role in promoting the Texas Tech experience.

Use of the Double T must reflect positively on the University and must be reproduced accurately by a licensed vendor of Texas Tech. Approval from the Director of Licensing is required. Management and licensing use of these trademarked identities resides within the Athletic Department and is in partnership with the Collegiate Licensing Company. Contact Paige Holland in the Athletics Department at (806) 742-1195 for all inquiries related to use of the Double T and other Spirit and Athletic Marks.

Additional information on policies and guidelines for in-house Texas Tech use may be obtained from licensing guidelines published by the Texas Tech University Athletics Department available on its website under the athletic department link.

Double T Logo Packets

Download official TTU Double T Logo Packets from our logo site here.

These packets have been prepared with both the novice and the professional designer in mind, and they contain files that will work for almost any design purpose.

Upon downloading one of these packets, please immediately refer to the file Instructions.pdf, included in the main folder. This will help to familiarize you with the files contained in the packet, to help ensure your correct usage of the University's marks.

Logo Instructions

File formats included:

  • Vector PDF
  • Hi-res TIFF
  • Screen-res JPEG and PNG

Questions? Contact Veronica Medina in the Office of Communications and Marketing at (806) 742-2136.

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