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Identity Guidelines Overview

Here is a brief overview of the underlying positioning strategy, key concepts and attributes that define and guide the Texas Tech brand and visual identity system.

Examples of our three-part identity system representing Official Seals and Signatures, Academic Signatures, and Spirit and Athletic marks are included.

See the FAQ, Glossary and Contact pages for questions and more information. Click here for a detailed explanation of the research and rationale behind the guidelines.

Brand Promise

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For all audiences, the Texas Tech brand stands for access to a quality education in a nurturing and challenging environment that fosters student and professional success.


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From here, it's possible

Our tagline – From here, it's possible – quickly communicates to all audiences that the tradition of fostering student and professional success at Texas Tech creates a culture where anything is possible.

Key Attributes

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Our character and personality attributes should be evidenced in every brand experience.


Anyone who comes to our campuses and communities is struck with the open and friendly character of the people he or she encounters. Students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community enthusiastically welcome and embrace new members of our ever-growing family.


We're nurturing. We both challenge and guide, serving as a valued counselor, teacher and friend to all.


We share our expertise and experiences, empowering others with both the theory and the practical skills to succeed, regardless of the endeavor.


We're focused on outcomes – having positive impacts in our community and in the world. Our sphere of influence is limited only by our imaginations.

Hard Working

We're exceptionally diligent and committed to the task at hand.


We're committed to an intellectually rich environment, where creativity, innovation and intellectual freedom flourish.


We're able to act effectively and imaginatively, regardless of the challenges.


We can be counted on to respond, no matter what the need, and to always be worthy of confidence and trust.

Brand Persona

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The Caregiver*

Our persona is one who has the desire to protect people from harm

  • Has the goal of helping others
  • Has concern for the individual, the community, the nation and the larger world
  • Is empathetic – seeing and feeling things from others' perspectives
  • Is nurturing and supportive – reliable and unquestionably committed
  • Is instructive – shares knowledge and insights and is generous with time
  • Is focused on the benefits of the relationship

*Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearson, "The Hero and the Outlaw" (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2001), 209-226.

Integrated Visual Identity System

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