High School and Community College Counselors Sample Life at Texas Tech

Written by Jamie Eveler

The Texas Tech Office of Admissions each year invites high school and community college counselors to learn about the opportunities available to their students at Texas Tech University.   

Summer Showcase is a 3-day 2-night event that gives 65 counselors the opportunity to see what each of the 10 academic colleges and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center have to offer their students through interactive presentations and tours of campus and local facilities.

The Animal and Food Sciences Building

The Animal and Food Sciences building is one of many facilities highlighted during this month’s Summer Showcase.

Counselors stay on-campus in residence halls, meet campus administrators and faculty and experience Lubbock nightlife. They also have lots of opportunities to interact with current students and get the real scoop on life at Texas Tech.

“Word is out among the counselors about Showcase,” says Julian Olivas, director of the Visitors Center and coordinator of Summer Showcase. “We provide counselors with a comprehensive look at what Texas Tech has to offer and they’re able to share this with their students.”

Schools from every major metropolitan area in Texas are represented at Showcase, as well as many smaller schools.  High school and community college counselors are a vital link in the communication with students, and the relationships built during Summer Showcase further Texas Tech’s recruitment efforts throughout the state.

Summer Showcase guests are provided airfare, accommodations and meals.  Funding for this important annual recruitment event is provided by the Texas Tech Alumni Association and the Office of Admissions, who also coordinates and staffs the event. 

To request more information about Summer Showcase, please contact Julian Olivas in the Office of Admissions at (806) 742-1480 or by email at julian.olivas@ttu.edu.

Jan 15, 2020