Texas Tech Professor Honored for Economics Blog

Michael Giberson blog named to Intelligent Economist’s top 100 list.

Michael Giberson

Michael Giberson

The internet allows people to speak to a larger audience than ever before. The ability to create websites for free with little to no coding experience, social media posts reaching thousands of people and simply typing a question into a browser and getting more information has changed the way society distributes information.

One Texas Tech professor is using this to his advantage with his blog "Knowledge Problem."

Michael Giberson, associate professor of practice in the Area of Energy, Economics and Law in the Rawls College of Business Administration, co-blogs on the site "Knowledge Problem," which recently was named to the Top 100 Economists Blogs of 2016 list by Intelligent Economist.

Intelligent Economist is a website created by a former University of Southern California student, according to its website. The goal of the blog is simple – to provide easy access and information about economics to anyone.

The top 100 list contains a variety of good blogs, Giberson said. He believes being a part of this list will bring more traffic to the site. Giberson co-blogs on "Knowledge Problem" with Lynne Kiesling, an associate professor of instruction in the Department of Economics at Northwestern University.

Kiesling created "Knowledge Problem" in 2002 and Giberson joined in 2004. He said he did not have a blog of his own and the two connected because of their similar research interests.

"It was a way of diversifying topics and combining interests and outlook," he said. "The blog works in a couple of different ways; it's a good way to document reactions and ideas."

Now, 12 years after Giberson joined the blog, it is one of the best economics blogs in the country.

Prateek Agarwal, owner of the Intelligent Economist, said the blogs on the list are not ranked in order and were chosen based on multiple factors, including popularity, links from other blogs, quality of information, awards received and consistency of posting.

"So in line with that, 'Knowledge Problem' was chosen because professor Giberson and professor Kiesling have been writing great posts on energy economics, of which there aren't many other blogs on my list," he said. "Their writing is accessible to most audiences, and I thought it was an important blog for people to learn about the consequences of energy policy, law and news and the economic impact of those on our environment."

Giberson said "Knowledge Problem" is a way to turn a couple of posts into a larger article or an essay to be published elsewhere. He uses the blog to tie the news into academia and his research.

In the classroom at Texas Tech, Giberson has assigned "Knowledge Problem" as supplemental reading about topics he has written and is teaching in his classes.

Giberson said he is free to research and look into topics he finds interesting. He is able to use his blog as an informal way of getting feedback and ideas from other academics, which could help him further research a topic and improve his work as a professor.