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Texas Tech University, as part of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) "Bear Our Banners Far and Wide: Communication in a Global Society," established the Communication Training Center (CTC) in the College of Media & Communication (CoMC) to support students learning communication skills, particularly oral and visual communication skills. An essential focus of the QEP goals was to align with the Texas Core Curriculum objectives that include attainment of communication skills as part of every core course.

In order to fulfill this objective outlined by the QEP, the CTC's focus will be to improve the undergraduate student learning experience by working with core coordinators and graduate teaching assistants that instruct these courses. The undergraduate student learning experience in these courses is viewed as fundamental to student retention, institutional integration, and graduation from Texas Tech University.

The CTC offers services in the form of custom workshops for core curriculum courses as well as instructors across the institution to enhance oral and visual communication skills. These customized workshops are designed to meet the specific learning needs of a department, core curriculum course, or instructor. The purpose of these custom workshops is to bridge the gap from the current state of undergraduate student learning to the desired state where the key learning outcomes can be measured.

Additionally, the CTC offers services in the form of signature workshops offered throughout an academic semester. These workshops provide training as well as offer information about best practices and approaches to utilize emerging media, implement online teaching strategies, enact teacher immediacy behaviors, produce powerful slide design layouts, construct cinematic slide decks for presentations, and create compelling visual representations of data.

The CTC welcomes any challenge and/or idea related to oral or visual communication that helps instructors strengthen undergraduate student learning. We look forward to working with you to enhance the undergraduate student learning experience for your classrooms. Guns up!


Luke LeFebvre, Ph.D. Director,
Communication Training Center

Communication Training Center