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Signature workshops give you access to a distinctive learning experience. These workshops are held twice during a week throughout an academic semester. Walk-ins are welcome or reserve your spot—either option is welcome for attendees.
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February 4th - April 30th | Tuesdays & Thursday from 12:30 PM - 1:50 PM

Foundational Powerpoint Present a clear and concise message by arranging elements of your slide presentation to maximize audience attention and create shared meaning. Learn how to design slides that will eliminate "word walls" and win any glance test from an audience.  Feb 6th
Mar 5th
Apr 7th
Poster Presentation Design Develop impactful posters that communicate to an audience with or without you being present. Learn how to incorporate a powerful visual layout, include memorable graphics, build interest, and increase audience view time of your research.  Feb 20th
Mar 3rd
Apr 2nd
Classroom Communication Enhance your teacher communication skills to engage students in your classroom. Become familiar with learner-centered communication techniques that are associated with positive classroom outcomes and increased student learning.  Feb 13th
Mar 31st
Apr 23rd
PowerPoint Charts & Graphs Display visual information that maximizes meaning for an audience. Learn how to spotlight what is important in charts and graphs from either live or non-live data sets that visually articulate the conclusion you want to share with an audience.  Feb 4th
Apr 9th 
Advanced Powerpoint Techniques Go beyond the basics of PowerPoint design and learn advanced techniques for taking your slide deck to the next level. Learn cinematic slide design strategies to create dynamic slide decks to captivate an audience.  Download Guide Feb 11th 
Mar 10th
Apr 16th
Data Storytelling Display data that is compelling and seamlessly designed to maximize the meaning of the data for audience understanding. Learn how to spotlight what is important, utilize data as a tool for sharing information, and visually articulate the conclusion you want to share with an audience.  Feb 27th
Mar 12th
Apr 28th
Oral Defense Presentation Ensure your thesis or dissertation is visually accessible through the creation of slides that encapsulate your research and focus on its most salient findings. Learn how to storyboard the content of your research to create a logical slideshow that accurately and easily makes your research understandable for your committee.   Feb 25th
Mar 10th
Apr 14th
Presentational Choreography Discover powerful presentation strategies that professional speakers utilize to dazzle audiences. Learn to seamlessly sequence transitions between presentational content and convey a powerful speaking presence that heightens audience attentiveness. Feb 18th
Mar 5th
Apr 30th
Extreme Powerpoint Transform your PowerPoint slide decks into an immersive presentation with a cinematic feel. Learn high-end slide design concepts that are guaranteed to leave a positive impression with any audience. 
Feb 25th
Apr 21st
Type, Teaching, & Communication Series Discover your styles of learning and decision making with the theory behind the Myers-Briggs system. Learn how to harness the strengths of each style to maximize student engagement, teacher-student interaction, and classroom communication. 

Must Attend Both Dates for the Month
Feb 6th & Feb 11th
Apr 13th & Apr 15th

February 12th - April 15th | Wednesdays from 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Poster Visual Design:
Maker's Lab
Design an award winning poster that visually communicates coordination and coherence. Learn how to maximize your poster design for competition, conference presentation, or any other venue with one-on-one guidance. Reserve or walk-in to these specialty workshops. Feb 12th
Mar 11th
Apr 15th

Communication Training Center