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Basic Principles

  1. Number pages consecutively within sections.
  2. Print dossier in reasonably-sized font, generally 11 or 12 point; 10 point is appropriate for limited passages.
  3. Scan at no less than 150 dpi resolution; scan at 100% page-for-page replication.
  4. Count pages: dossier does not exceed 20 pages, with exception of (a) candidate's curriculum vitae, (b) letters provided by references, and (c) annual report, and (d) appendices.
  5. BIOSKETCHES of references are limited to approximately ONE PAGE total.
  6. Students' ratings (both types combined) are limited to One PAGE / YEAR of service over duration [OR, as suggested by Provost in June 2015, One Page / Qualitative Summaries and One PAGE / representative student comments].