Texas Tech University

Interdepartmental Studies

College faculty and undergraduate students may choose to participate in the Honors College and in a variety of programs offered in conjunction with the Rawls College of Business, the College of Media and Communications, and the College of Arts and Sciences:

  • An interdisciplinary minor in Dramatic Writing involves study in English, Media & Communications, and Theatre and Dance, and prepares students to write scripts for cinema, television, and stage productions.
  • The interdisciplinary minor in European Studies allows students to pursue interests in European society, culture, history, and politics, and to deepen their knowledge about Europe and its interactions with the wider world from ancient times to the postcolonial present.
  • An interdisciplinary minor in Religion Studies permits students to enhance their understanding of religion by studying it from a variety of perspectives, thereby placing the notion of religion within the broader frameworks of several academic disciplines.
  • An interdisciplinary minor and certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship will prepare students for building creative business partnerships and networks and teach them how to become self-directed owners or employees in arts industries.
  • An interdisciplinary certificate in Motion Picture Production helps students develop valuable skillsets in the areas of production and performance in motion picture films.

For these, in addition to the Ethnic Studies minor, the Humanities minor, and the Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) degree program through the College of Arts & Sciences.

College faculty and students at the undergraduate and graduate levels also participate in many interdisciplinary programs such as Women's Studies.