Texas Tech University

Orientation Checklist

  1. Follow Red Raider Orientation Checklist.
  2. Consider the Fine Arts Learning Community for student housing. Students must request the learning community in order to be placed in this location. Wall Hall is conveniently located to all the college units.
  3. Attend College Session – Your time ticket to register is placed at this time. Students not attending the College Session will have to meet with the College Advisor to receive the information from the session and have the time ticket placed.
  4. Obtain JTMTCVPA Information link.
  5. Meet with Art, Music, Theatre Arts & Dance advisors.
  6. Register for courses on appropriate date and time.
  7. Maintain current information in the TTU system: mailing address, email address, phone numbers.
  8. Make sure all transcripts, high school and college are submitted.

For additional unit-specific information, go to:

Art – Graphic Design is a limited access area of study. Acceptance to the program is obtained only through an application process each spring which includes a portfolio review, after art core courses have been completed. Admission to Texas Tech University does not insure admission to the Graphic Design Program. Students will be listed as Art Incoming, until the entrance process has been completed and the student has been accepted as a Graphic Design field of specialization student.

Music – Provisional acceptance into a major in music is based upon a combination of auditions, transcripts, entrance examinations, and/or interviews, depending upon the specific area of study. Admission to Texas Tech University does not guarantee admission to the School of Music as a music major. All entering students must audition in their declared principal applied area with the appropriate faculty. Final acceptance into any music program is based upon formal auditions in the appropriate applied and ensemble areas.

Theatre Arts – Entrance to the B.F.A. program (in Theatre Arts) is by audition and interview. Students usually audition for the program in their sophomore year and are admitted at the discretion of the faculty. Continuance in the program is dependent upon annual review and the faculty's assessment of the student's timely progress. Students whose progress is found unsatisfactory will be placed on departmental probation.