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Glossary Of Terms

"Eligible Institution" – an institution of higher education that is eligible to apply for funding under Title III and Title V and is eligible for certain non-Federal cost share waivers. Two findings:
          a) "Needy Student" enrollment
          b) Low Educational and General Expenditures

IPEDS – the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System is a single, comprehensive system to which all postsecondary institutions submit institutional-level data such as enrollment, admissions, program completions, graduation rates and other outcome measures, student financial aid, tuition and fees, etc.

Title III – first enacted as part of the HEA, authorizes grants to higher education institutions to strengthen academic quality, institutional management, and financial stability. Administered by the Department of Education (DOE), Title III programs help institutions expand educational opportunities for low-income and minority students

Title V – added by the 1998 amendments to the HEA, establishes a separate program for HSIs