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Black History Month

Black History Month


Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion partners with the Black Student Association along with student organizations and departments across Texas Tech University to honor, advocate and educate the Red Raider community on the global black experience. This year the Black Student Association would like to present Funtunfunefu, Unity in diversity. As we kick off the month, we would like to recognize black people from around the world in order to unite together to celebrate Global black excellence. The symbol Funtufunefu represents cooperation and democracy among independent individuals. The symbol depicts two crocodiles who must work together in order to survive. We've chosen this symbol as a representation of the month to show that while we may be from different worlds, we must unite to understand each other's cultures and differences in order to keep our future bright. Programming is offered throughout the month to share global black excellence through celebration activities and educational workshops. Join us as we embrace our pasts to conquer our futures. Join us this year as we work to unite and embrace global black excellence.


LGBTQIA Trailblazers

An informative meeting to shed light on some amazing people

February 11th | 7pm

MCOM 257

Adopt- A-Highway
with TTU ASO

Black Student Association

February 15th | 11:30am–12:30pm

5617 Acuff rd, Lubbock TX

Harriet Screening

movie screening

February 17th | 7pm

SUB Senate Room

Women in STEM

discussing the accomplishments and opportunities of black women in STEM

February 18th | 7pm

Knapp Residence Hall

Plug Talk

Black student entrepreneur workshop showcase

February 19th | 7pm

SUB Matador Room

Black Boy Joy

The life of a Black Boy

February 24th | 7pm

Groomin’ Lounge Barbershop
2420 13th st

Black Girl Magic

The life of a Black Girl

February 25th | 7pm

The Republic at
Lubbock Clubhouse
3824 Erskine St, Lubbock TX (on campus room booked by Mica)

Gender Gap/General body meeting

Young black men and women coming together to discuss the good, the bad and the feats we face

February 26th | 7pm

SUB Matador Room

Paul’s Project

Community Service

February 27th

Grace Campus
1301 Avenue A
Lubbock TX


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Researcher's Focus in Theater Aims to Change Stereotypes

Doctoral student LyaNisha Gonzalez focuses her research on changing the way black women are utilized in theater and the way they are perceived in society.

Researcher's Focus Shines a Light on Underrepresented Figures in Music

Doctoral student Nicole Cherry focuses her research on those who have made significant contributions within the Western musical world, but have remained relatively unknown.

Researcher Discovers Passion for Organizational, Computer-Mediated Communication

Bolanle Olaniran studies the impact new technologies have on structure, effectiveness and diversity.

Researcher's Focus on Foreign Languages Helps Students Achieve Global Fluency

Comfort Pratt studies what motivates a student to learn new and foreign languages and the best practices for how to teach languages.

Researcher Continues Life's Work as International Media and Communication Expert

Lyombe Eko studies international, comparative and visual communication as part of his focus on human rights and freedom of expression.

Nutrition Researcher Found Benefits of Fish Oil and Tart Cherry for Obesity

Naïma Moustaïd-Moussa specializes in the role of fat cells on body regulation

Researcher Passionate About Nutrition Education for Low-Income Groups

Mary Murimi studies how food-insecure households cope to guide safety-net policy.

Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion