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Creating a college achieving culture begins with the educators in schools and classrooms across the nation. As part of our shared effort to encourage higher education among students, the College Connect offers a variety of programs directed toward K-12 students, which are available upon request. Listed below are the brief summaries of each program we offer. For more information contact the College Connect at (806) 742-2420.

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Elementary Program Highlights

Reading Circle (1st-4th Grade)

Teachers will select one (or more) of the pre-approved options that are geared for the age group. The books include (so far): Look Who's Going to Texas Tech by Marsha Gustafson, Good Night Red Raiders by Tiffany Roberts Kristynik and Texas Tech 101: My First Text-board-book by Brad M. Epstein; for additional options, please contact our staff. A staff member from the College Connect program will be able to lead this activity. The representative will have the students sit in a circle in the classroom and will read from the selected books.

History & Traditions (1st-4th Grade)

The presentation entails a selection of photos and time for questions to engage the classroom with the representative from Texas Tech. Students will enjoy learning the most up-to-date information regarding their favorite college Texas Tech University!

STEM Crossword (1st-4th Grade)

Select from an array of crosswords, word searches, and other fun coloring activities and learn college terminology as you play. The game is intended to introduce college words, phrases, and themes to our younger students.

Time Capsule (1st-4th Grade)

This activity will give the students the time to think about their future. Students will have the chance to write about who they want to be when they grow up. Teachers may hand out the letters at the end of the year.

Middle School Program Highlights

Jeopardy (5th-8th Grade)

Jeopardy is a famous TV show, we use here at Texas Tech! The purpose is to engage students in a fun way to learn the history, traditions, and exciting facts about Texas Tech University. The representative will separate the classroom into several groups (depending on class size) and start the game using PowerPoint.

Don't Let Social Media Wreck you (5th-8th Grade)

Social media is becoming more prevalent in our society, way of life, and even work! Practicing safe social media is essential. This presentation addresses the stressors of social media, how to prevent it, and historical social media mistakes. The presentation is based on allowing students to come to terms with social media and how to live it.

College 101 (5th-8th Grade)

College 101 is a general presentation that discusses essential topics, dates, terminology, and facts about college. This is an excellent time for students to ask the representative about Texas Tech University and their experience.

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