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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What age groups are your programs catered toward?

A. We have programs available for students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Please see our camps/programs page and Summer Reading Programs for more information regarding this matter.

Q. Are scholarships available?

A. Yes. Scholarship availability depends on the amount of money the College Connect program has available for scholarships. Click below to fill out a scholarship application.

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Q. What is your counselor to student ratio?

A. We assign one counselor per 15 camp participants. Our counselors are typically former campers and Texas Tech students. In order to ensure a safe environment for your campers a background check and intensive training is conducted.

Q. Will my child need to bring spending money?

A. No additional spending money is required. However, if you would like your student to have some additional cash then feel free to send them with money.

Q. I live in Lubbock, instead of staying in the dorm can I take my child to and from camp each day?

A. We allow students to commute back and forth between the camp each night if they registered as a Commuter Camper. Guardians must pick up and drop off campers if they want to commute. 

Q. What does my child need to bring?

A. Essential items vary from camp to camp. After registration you will receive a confirmation packet that will detail all the necessities required for our camps. Please see "Packing List" on the homepage for each camp.

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Q. My child would like to go to camp with a friend. Do you allow roommate requests?

A. Yes, when registering your child for camp you may request a roommate. Campers may request a roommate but it is not guaranteed. In order for your child to get their desired roommate, both students must request each other.

Q. Do you provide transportation to camp?

A. Participants are responsible for transportation to and from camp.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

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