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 Lubbock TAME Chapter

Improving participation of women and minorities in STEM careers through innovative, hands-on science programming for K-12 students across Regions 16 and 17. The Lubbock TAME Chapter also develops locally relevant offerings like career days, factory tours, and professional development for teachers and TAME Club Sponsors.

About the program

The STEM Competitions are an important part of TAME (Texas Alliance of Minority Engineers) and the College Connect multi-faceted approach to engaging and retaining students interested in STEM. Designed to reinforce success in math and science and to encourage the development of a peer and mentor network, the competitions also provide a unique opportunity for students from rural and/or economically disadvantaged areas, to visit a college or corporate campus and to interact with STEM role models.

Through this competition, grades 6-12 students from both regions 16 and 17, will participate in taking the University Interscholastic League (UIL) style math and science tests. Students will join in high engagement activities that will develop student's professional skills, individual, creativity, personal excellence and social awareness needed to achieve higher education attainment. In addition to these activities, students will be randomly placed in groups based on gender, ethnicity, school, and grade level, to partake in an engineering design challenge. The goal of this competition is to reinforce the importance of math and science, and to expose students to engineering design, building, and preparation to be ethical leaders for a diverse and globally competitive workforce.


Texas Tech Student Volunteers

If you are a student attending and enrolled at TTU, VOLUNTEER with us in 2020!  

Event: January 27th

Where: Student Union Building 

Time: Slots available from 7:30AM-5:30PM 

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