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International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) supports and facilitates the international mission of Texas Tech University. It provides services for faculty and students and offers international educational and cultural experiences for the University and community, and is a major contributor to the globalization process of the University and its growing reputation as a major international educational and research center.

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Other International Outreach Resources


CISER-Center for the Integration of STEM Education & Research

Undergraduate Research at CISER was established in 1992. At that time, Texas Tech University has received five generous grants in 1992, 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006 from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Undergraduate Science Education Program totaling $7.8 million dollars. TTU was the only Texas institution to receive a grant in the 2002 competition and is the only Texas institution to had received continuous funding from HHMI. Until 2014, CISER was primarily funded by the HHMI Undergraduate Science Education Program. Today, thanks to the generous support from colleges, departments, and administrators in Texas Tech system, and other grants, TTU CISER is able to continue supporting Undergraduate Research Scholars in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

Science Teachers Association of Texas-STAT


Edward E. Whitacre College of Engineering

The Whitacre College of Engineering is proud to educate young people to solve problems that help society through the application of math, science, and ingenuity. The college plays an important role in preparing a diverse and talented workforce for the nation, as well as providing new knowledge that will drive the economic vitality of the state and the nation. We are proud of our excellent, committed faculty who enjoy the world of ideas and technology and sharing their passion for this profession with our students.

Gear Robotics Camp


College of Human Sciences

The College of Human Sciences was one of the four original colleges at Texas Tech University at its founding in 1925.

The College of Human Sciences provides multidisciplinary education, research, and service focused on individuals, families, and their environments for the purpose of improving and enhancing the human condition.

Our college offers a wide range of outstanding and nationally recognized programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. From Human Development and Family Studies, Early Childhood, Marriage and Family Therapy, Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management, and Nutritional Sciences to Personal Financial Planning, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Interior Design, Apparel Design and Manufacturing, and Retail Management, the College of Human Sciences has the program for you.

Fashion Camp

Chef Camp

Financial Planning Academy


Museum of Texas Tech University

Whether you come alone or with family and friends, your visit to the Museum of Texas Tech University should be fun.
children at the museum

We encourage you to spend as much time as you would like in our galleries. Our museum is a wonderful mix of fine arts, cultural artifacts, and natural science, a combination you do not always find in a museum.

Traveling-Trunk Program

Student Planetarium Programs

Museum Tours


Texas Tech Sport Camps

Various sports camps through TTU Athletics.


Boy's Golf

Girl's Golf


School of Music

The School of Music at Texas Tech University is a vibrant, dynamic, and innovative musical environment. Led by a faculty of over 60 nationally and internationally recognized artists, educators, and researchers, students in our programs learn to develop and refine their musical skills to be used anywhere in the world.

Texas Tech Band & Orchestra Camp

TTU All-State Choir Camp


STEM Center for Outreach, Research & Education (STEM CORE)

The scope for STEM CORE is derived from its vision and mission in the realms of STEM education, outreach, and research. All three are weighted equally within the scope of STEM CORE, and includes training and professional development. The activities of STEM CORE are in service to and in collaboration with our stakeholders. Stakeholders include but are not limited to Texas Tech University faculty, staff, and administrators, K-12 educators, and informal science community partners.


Department of Mathematics & Statistics



Honors College

The Honors College at Texas Tech University proudly pursues its primary mission to provide an enriched learning experience for intellectually capable and curious undergraduate students while striving to replicate a small-college learning environment in a large state university setting.

The Honors College offers enriched and stimulating courses that are designed to encourage critical thinking, broaden students' education, and examine interdisciplinary and international perspectives of different disciplines. In addition, the Honors College supports undergraduate research, study abroad, academic scholarships, and a variety of academic and social activities for enrolled students.

Clark Scholars Program


National Ranching & Heritage Center

The National Ranching Heritage Center is a museum and outdoor park with 50 historic structures dating back to the 1700s. In addition to the 19-acre historical park, the NRHC has 42 life-size bronze outdoor art pieces and a 44,000-square-foot museum with seven galleries featuring art exhibits, photography, and artifacts that capture historical and contemporary Western life.

Summer Camps


Texas Tech Chess

The Chess Program brings outstanding students from all over the world to Texas Tech University. Offering chess scholarships to qualified applicants at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Competing at all division levels, the program is able to provide opportunities for all ratings from International Grandmasters to club players. Director and Head Coach Alex Onischuk is an internationally renowned Grandmaster and trainer who has trained successfully with a wide range of skill levels, from beginners to world champions.

Camps & Events


Burkhart Center for Autism Education & Research

Camp Burkhart

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