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Indigenous Peoples Heritage Month

Indigenous Peoples Heritage month will feature four different events, with each event designed to fit within this year's theme of “visibility.” Our goal for the month is to enhance the visibility of Indigenous students' presence on campus to non-native faculty, staff, and students while engaging with them in cultural and educational activities. In order to achieve this goal and stay within the demarcation of the month's theme, we are pursuing four different events that will create a platform for the Indigenous community. As well, we have partnered with the Kwek Society, a non-profit whose purpose is to receive donations of feminine hygiene products to be delivered to young women in rural reservation communities. Listed below is a brief description of each event and its significance:


Thursday, November 5th

Tree Food: Forests, Indigenous American Cuisines, and Native Food


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Thursday, November 12th

Forest Restoration Theory and Practice Based on Indigenous Cultural Tending


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Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion