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Texas Tech University MVP Green Zone Training Program

The TTU MVP Green Zone Program is a training program for faculty and staff designed to develop a campus community of support for veteran and family member students. Texas Tech faculty and staff members will gain tools to enhance the overall college experience for veteran and family member so they may better guide and assist these students toward degree completion and onto a successful future. This is achieved by providing an encouraging, structured environment and gaining greater knowledge about campus and community resources focused on veteran student success. 


  • Attendees receive a free Green Zone T-Shirt and a sticker for their office door upon completion of Module I: Core Training as well as a monthly email of the MVP Times which includes information on deadlines and events happening that month on campus and in the community.
  • Green Zone Posters are posted around campus advertising the program to students.

Green Zone Module List:

Green Zone Module I: Core Training

Core Training is open to all faculty and staff members as the first module of veterans' advocacy training and a prerequisite for all other modules. This program is designed to assist faculty and staff to better serve student veterans and their family members on campus. Attendees will learn about the transition issues veterans face as they leave military service and enter campus life, specific information about Texas Tech's veteran students, and insight about campus and community resources. Green Zone module I must be taken before subsequent training modules can be scheduled. Other modules include: Understanding Benefits, Mental Health, Disability Support Services, Advising Veterans, and Hiring Veterans.

Green Zone Module II: Understanding Benefits

Understanding Benefits is for faculty and staff who are interested in an overview of how federal and state veterans' benefits work. Learning objectives include having a basic understanding of federal, state, and DOD benefit programs offered at TTU including eligibility & awards, and basic responsibilities required of the university and the students.

Green Zone Module III: Mental Health

Mental Health is for faculty and staff members who are interested in gaining a greater understanding of mental health issues faced by veterans and service members. Attendees will increase their understanding of mental health concerns sometimes faced by veterans and service members; decrease the stigma of mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD; explore the nature of interpersonal violence and sexual assault and; be provided with referral resources. Module III is sponsored by Military & Veterans Programs and Student Counseling Services.

Green Zone Module IV: Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services is for faculty and staff members who are interested in a basic overview of how TTU Student Disability Services works with veterans and service members on campus. Learning objectives include understanding SDS programs and services offered, learning how students can register with SDS; gaining a basic understanding about federal/ state laws and guidelines; understanding student responsibilities; and greater familiarity with resources and support available to faculty and staff on campus. Module IV is sponsored by Military & Veterans Programs and Student Disability Services.

Green Zone Module V: Advising Veterans

Advising Veterans is for faculty and staff members who advise veterans and family members on campus. Learning objectives include a veteran ‘snapshot' and their expectations, responsibilities of the advisor in the context of Veterans Educational Benefits, responsibility of the school in reporting to the state/federal government, and best practices in advising veterans. To attend this module, faculty and staff must have already attended Green Zone Module I: Core Training.

Green Zone Module VI: Hiring Veterans

Hiring Veterans is open to faculty and staff members who are interested in hiring veterans at Texas Tech University in their department. Trainees will learn about the soft skills that all veterans bring to the workforce, how to use the “Veterans' Only job posting”, and the “Veteran Direct Appointment hiring initiative” authorized by state law. Module VI is sponsored by Military & Veterans Programs and Human Resources.

Green Zone Module VII: Community Special Topics

Green Zone Module VII: Community Special Topics is open to faculty, staff and students. Topics vary in this module and are conducted by different organizations on/off campus, but always concerning veterans, military or families. Although encouraged, attendees do not have to attend Green Zone Module I: Core Training prior to attending this module.

How to Register:

To register for any of the following Green Zone Modules:

  1. Go to the TLPDC Event Site:  https://ttu.elementlms.com/
  2. Click 'Login" then Click 'Sign in with your ERaider ID and Password'
  3.  Click 'All Events'
  4. Scroll to search for the Green Zone module of choice. Click to register following any prompts! (Note that Rooms with TBD are not yet available to register for on the TLPDC site)

Spring 2020 Green Zone Training Schedule:

Date Module Start Time End Time  Room
10-6-20 I: Core Training 2:00 am 3:30 am Zoom
11-12-20 III: Veterans Mental Health  9:30 am  11:00 am Zoom
11-18-20 II: Veterans Educational Benefits 9:30 am 11:00 am Zoom
 TBD IV:  Disability Support Services     TBD
2-3-20 I:  Core Training 9:30 am 11:00 am TBD

Note: Modules are still being scheduled. Modules with the date TBD will not be available for registration on the TLPDC site until the semester indicated.

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