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Purpose, Mission, and Vision Statement

Upward Bound Math & Science at Texas Tech University is dedicated to helping first-generation and low-income high school students realize their potential in math and science.

Our unique value proposition is to foster a supportive atmosphere for our students, equipping them with the necessary tools and guidance to pursue postsecondary degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields along with meaningful careers. We are committed to ensuring that each student has the confidence, academic skillset, and resources needed to succeed personally, academically, and professionally.

Our mission is to provide students from all backgrounds the opportunity for higher education by encouraging success through hard work, dedication, ambition, resilience and teamwork. Through this program we will continue striving towards our vision of eliminating educational inequity while inspiring future generations of innovators in STEM. 

The Texas Tech Difference
Pathways Model   Upward Bound Math & Science invites ambitious young minds to expand their knowledge in the realms of agriculture, engineering and health sciences. They can challenge themselves by attending CORE courses within their selected pathways in the academic year (Saturday Academy) or further develop their expertise through interactive sessions in the summer (Summer Academy).
Project-Based Learning Framework Upward Bound Math & Science pushes the boundaries of what traditional learning looks like, incorporating project research and hands-on experience. This approach gives students an opportunity to further explore their area of interest through practical application - enabling them not only to expand their knowledge but also develop vital social skills in working with peers and professionals alike.
Comprehensive Approach to College & Career Readiness Upward Bound Math & Science offers an inspiring journey of self-discovery - one that empowers students to pursue their STEM dreams. Under the guidance and expertise of esteemed faculty, industry experts, plus a dedicated STEM advisor, participants explore how they can turn their passion for STEM into meaningful careers. Intensive seminars provide knowledge on vital aspects such as branding oneself in the job market, setting goals ,and networking with others; also unlocking essential insights about finding just the right university to pursue their degree.
Interested in joining?
Online Prospective students can apply for the Program by accessing the web-based form of the application. Both student and guardian(s) must complete the application in its entirety before submitting it for review.
Alternatively, students may opt to print and fill out a physical copy of the application and submit it to the Upward Bound Math & Science office by e-mail (upwardboundmathscience@ttu.edu) or mail. 
Mailing Address:
Upward Bound Math & Science
PO Box 45065 
Lubbock, TX 79409
Stay in Touch

Our office is here to answer any of your questions about applications, curriculum, community, or anything else Upward Bound Math & Science related. Inquiries can also be directed to Sarah Jean-MaryDirector of Upward Bound Math & Science.


Federally-Funded by the US Department of Education 

If a student is selected for Upward Bound Math & Science, there is no charge to the student or their family. Advising, tutoring, educational supplies, food, and excursions are included and paid for by the US Department of Education.

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