Texas Tech University

Seminars Spring 2023

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Seminar Schedule

The seminars take place at 3 p.m. on the following dates:

Wednesday, March 8, HH 006 Michael Noel, Texas Tech University
Open Price Contracts, Locked-In Buyers and Opportunism
Monday, March 27, Zoom Laura Gee, Tufts University
'Who You Gonna Call?: Gender Inequality in Demand for Parenal Involvement'
Wednesday, April 5, Zoom Emily Cook, Tulane University
Market Structure and College Access in US Higher Education
Wednesday, April 12, HH 154, 3pm Gagan Ghosh, Califorinia State University, Fullerton

Ambiguity Aversion and the Declining Price Anomaly: Theory and Estimation

  Felix Friedt, Macalester College
Wednesday, April 19, Zoom 3pm Anna Klis, Northern Illinois University

Real Choice Experiments Can Generate Consistent Results Regardless of the Number of Choice Sets: Theory and Evidence

Friday, April 28, Zoom Zhao Han, College of William & Mary
Time-Varying Fiscal Foresight
Monday, May 1, Zoom Jose Mustre-del-Rio, Kansas City Fed