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Undergraduate Programs

The newly-established Department of Teacher Education is home to our innovative TechTeach program. If you want to be a teacher, start here! Contact our undergraduate advising for more information.


TechTeach is a clinically intensive, competency based program designed to prepare teachers who will improve the academic achievement of K-12 students. It is among the first in the nation to combine intense, clinical experiences with opportunities to dramatically improve effective teaching behaviors to impact student learning. Learn more about TechTeach.

TechTeach Across Texas

TechTeach Across Texas is our fast-track teacher preparation program. The accelerated curriculum allows students to complete a Bachelor of Science degree and earn teacher certification. Learn more about TechTeach Across Texas.

Graduate Programs

Learn more about our Graduate Programs.

Our graduate advising team is here to help you choose the right academic program and support you as you pursue your degree. Contact our graduate advising team today.

Certificate & Certification Programs

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