Texas Tech University

CISER Faculty and Staff

Jill White

Jill White – CISER Director @ the College of Education

Dr. Jill White became CISER's new director in September 2019. Her efforts are focused on increasing exposure to STEM disciplines and activities among all students and teachers in Lubbock and the surrounding area schools. In addition, she is passionate about providing College of Education teacher candidates opportunities to engage in educational outreach to gain valuable teaching experience prior to beginning their teaching careers.

Jerry Dwyer

Jerry Dwyer – Associate Director of CISER (former Director)

Dr. Jerry Dwyer is a professor in the College of Education and the former Director of CISER. Jerry is interested in issues pertaining to mathematical education and outreach. He has developed a wide range of K-12 outreach projects and led the collaborative efforts of many large funded outreach programs.

James Durham

James Durham

James Durham is an instructor in the teacher candidate program in the College of Education. James partners with CISER to secures professional development contracts with schools and districts across the country.