Texas Tech University

Coronavirus Update Regarding IT: March 11, 2020


Earlier today, a TechAnnounce email was sent about preparing a technology checklist so that, if face-to-face classes are temporarily suspended, we'll be able to continue teaching, learning and working.

With that in mind, I'd like to review options available to those of us in the College of Education if we do face a need to move to online-only courses:

  • Zoom: If you already have a Zoom account, you're welcome to use it for class purposes. I've requested some additional licenses, but I haven't yet received them, so we're unable to create new accounts at this time.
  • Blackboard Collaborate: Blackboard Collaborate has proven to be useful for most faculty members in the college.
  • Skype for Business: Skype for Business is a valid tool for online meetings and classes. Our IT staff is available to help facilitate these appointments as needed.
  • My Mediasite: Many of us have experienced Mediasite recordings of classes and/or events in Room 001, but it's also possible to record videos in your office and have them uploaded to the Mediasite server. If this options appeals to you, please contact our Help Desk and our staff will be glad to provide assistance or prepare written instructions.

Finally, I have a few notes about education IT support in the event the university shifts to online-only classes:

  • We would ask everyone to please use your TTU email for correspondence. That way if anyone had questions about messages sent and received, we would be able to provide adequate documentation.
  • We would implore everyone to please be diligent about communicating with IT staff via the Help Desk: techsupport.educ@ttu.edu or 806-742-1319. I expect we would see a noticeable uptick in the number of Help Desk requests, and the most reasonable way to respond is via our online queue.
  • We would move to adjust work schedules during the interim period, so we'd have a full-time staff member available to field Help Desk requests during evening classes.


Glen Mullins
College of Education Technology Support Services