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Lab Safety Surveys

Currently, Lab Safety personnel survey every lab work area, including research and teaching labs, twice each calendar year.  There is not a specific timeline that can be given as to when certain departments will be surveyed. Our schedule depends on the current work load of the EHS department as a whole.

You can also request a lab safety survey at any time to help your work area personnel identify safety departures that may be overlooked. 

Request a lab safety survey

Remember that all active lab spaces will have some safety departures. The everyday activity of a lab area produces "wear and tear" on an area. It can be easy for personnel who work in the space everyday to overlook potential safety departures. That is why EHS offers this service! We look for these departures in all labs across campus.

Survey Process

  • The Departmental Safety Officer (DSO) is notified when the surveys are to take place for their department. 
  • A Lab Safety officer meets with the DSO and/or lab personnel to walk through each lab work area to identify safety departures in facility management and work practices. Documentation is recorded in the form of pictures and an electronic application which later generates the survey report.
    • Some departures can be "corrected on site (COS)" by lab personnel. These departures are still recorded on the initial survey report and marked COS.
  • The Lab Safety officer then prepares the lab safety survey report which is sent to the Principal Investigator(s) that oversee the area, the DSO and the EHS Director.
  • Lab personnel have 30 days from the day the reports are emailed to the PI to correct any departures that were not corrected on site. PIs should notify Lab Safety of corrections made via email.
  • A Lab Safety officer returns to the work area to verify that all departures noted on the initial survey report are corrected and create the follow up survey. New pictures are taken of the safety departures if needed.
    • Any occurrence of safety departures included on the initial survey report can be noted on the follow-up survey.
    • New safety departures are not noted on the follow up survey unless it is a critical violation. 
  • The follow up survey reported is generated and sent to the PI, DSO, the Dean of the respective college and the EHS Director.

Lab Safety Topics

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Want to inspect your space before EHS makes their rounds? 

Use our checklist to make sure your areas are safe!

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