Texas Tech University

Jared Martin

Section Manager
Lab Safety

Email: jared.martin@ttu.edu

Phone: 806-834-3714

Jared Martin was born and raised in the Permian Basin. He held many jobs early in life including working at a plant nursery, beginning a landscaping business, working at a core analysis company to help detect oil and gas deposits and profile the deposit rock strati and working as a licensed commercial chemical applicator.

Jared moved to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech and worked on campus as a chemical applicator while attending school.  During his studies, he also worked at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the Center for Indoor Air Research where he designed novel techniques to detect fungi and toxins in air, animal and human samples and helped to develop techniques for remedial applications.

Jared graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Agriculture in the fall of 2007 and joined EHS in the spring of 2008.  Since joining EHS, he has overseen the growth of the laboratory safety program from one individual to a team of seven individuals. He also took lead in investigating the accident that prompted the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) to investigate the first and only institution of higher education to date. Over his career with EHS he has attended multiple lab safety related trainings and conferences and has helped with the University of California surge operations after a fatal laboratory accident. 

Service Foci

  • Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) of Texas Tech University
  • Biological Safety Officer (BSO) of Texas Tech University
  • Oversees lab safety surveys, chemical fume hood inspections, and safety shower assessments

Education & Certifications

  • B.S. in Agriculture, Texas Tech University
  • Design & Construction of BSL3 Facilities
  • Safe BSL3 Work Practices and Procedures
  • Hazardous Waster Operator
  • DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation Instructor
  • Licensed Mold Consultant for the State of Texas
  • Certified Fire Inspector I - expired