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Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) Connect Literacy

Educators and administrators with specific performance-based knowledge of TAP: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement will improve teaching in high-need schools across the state. This graduate certificate will prepare completers to radically reform literacy educational practices in classrooms that have previously been low performing.

Admission Requirements

  1. Hold a teacher’s certificate
  2. Demonstrated record of student improvement
  3. Bachelor’s Degree

Admissions and Advisement Procedures

Requirements for admission:

  1. Hold a teacher’s certificate
  2. Demonstrated record of student improvement
  3. Bachelor’s Degree

To join us, follow the simple two steps below:

The Graduate School

  • Complete the ApplyTexas application.
    • When asked to select your major, you will choose Graduate Certificate Program.
    • When asked to indicate your major area of interest/specialty, type ?.
    • When asked what degree you will seek, choose Certification.
    • In the Custom Questions section of the application, be sure to choose ? from the list of available Graduate Certificate programs.
  • You submit the following to the Graduate School:
    • An application to the Graduate school.
    • Official transcripts
  • Be admitted to the Graduate School

The College of Education

  • Second, apply to the College of Education.
    • You submit the following:
      • an up-to-date professional resume
      • two letters of recommendation
      • an application letter that includes a statement of professional goals that should include reasons why you are interested in the certificate plus information on how you achieved that demonstrated record of student improvement. One or two examples will suffice. Please limit the application letter to 1-2 pages.
  • Student applications will be reviewed by program faculty in the Spring and Summer for a Fall semester start date.

Notification of acceptance

The official letter of acceptance or rejection will be sent by the Office of Graduate Admissions. Admission is competitive; not all applicants will be admitted.

Additional Information and Suggestions

Other important issues such as registration, financial assistance, ethics, and appeals procedures are outlined in the Texas Tech University Graduate Catalog, College of Education Student Handbook, and the Education Student Handbook. Those can be accessed from our website.

What Happens After Acceptance

The program of studies begins in the fall semester and continues for the next year. Upon admission into the program, you are appointed an advisor who assists you with the process of developing an endorsement plan (for certification).

Other Resources and Suggestions

Before applying, talk to professionals in the K-12 school leadership community to clarify your understanding of the rewards and demands of being a teacher leader. Assess how your personal strengths and weaknesses may impact your ability to do this job. Increasingly, teacher leaders are sought after, especially the ones who can work through others to move student achievement forward.

Graduate Certificate in Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) Connect Literacy Program of Studies

Required Courses
Number Title
EDLD 5320 Data-Driven Communication and Decision Making
EDLL 5355 Developing Writing Programs in K-12 Classrooms
EDLL 5344 Content Area Literacy Methods
EDLL 5346 Understanding, Valuing, and Teaching Struggling Learners
EDLL 5342 Classroom-Based Literacy Assessment for Differentiated Instruction

Note: Successful completion of the courses above satisfies the academic requirements for the certificate.

While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in reporting courses, policies and other statements, the university reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.

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