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Jackie Luft, EdD
Jackie Luft, EdD

Introducing Dr. Jackie Luft

Texas Tech University Worldwide eLearning would like to welcome a new staff member that will work with the Instructional Design team on accessibility issues. Jackie Luft, Ed.D., TTU Worldwide eLearning Accessibility Specialist, is a graduate of Texas Tech's EDIT program. She also holds a Masters in Special Education from Eastern New Mexico University. Dr. Luft has worked extensively with special populations and her experience includes K-12 and higher education classroom teaching.

Dr. Luft will provide consultation, training, technical support and leadership in pursuit of these goals:

  • Establishing and implementing accessibility standards and criteria for online and distance courses/programs as well as evaluating ongoing effectiveness
  • Assisting in the evaluation of accessibility of online, hybrid, web-supported and distance courses
  • Developing and delivering educational resources for the accessibility of online and distance courses
  • Assisting faculty in adapting and creating instructional materials in an accessible digital format

In next month's newsletter, Dr. Luft will address Universal Design of Learning (UDL) and how this best teaching practice encompasses not only the needs of students with accommodation letters but also provides information on various modalities the instructor can use to dispense knowledge to students.

If you have questions regarding accessibility or Universal Design of Learning, please contact Dr. Luft at jackie.luft@ttu.edu or call 806-742-7277.