Texas Tech University

For Faculty

Turning Point Cloud

by Ron Nail

Texas Tech will start using TurningPoint Cloud (TPC), the latest software version of the easy-to-use polling software available from Turning Technologies, beginning in Fall 2016. The following checklist will help keep you on track as you make your transition to TurningPoint Cloud:

  1. All instructors must have a Turning Account. To get started, you can go to http://account.turningtechnologies.com and create your account using your ttu.edu email address.
  2. Within your Turning Account, on the left panel, you will be able to download the latest TurningPoint Cloud software. You will use your Turning Account ttu.edu email address and the password you created to login to the TurningPoint Cloud software.
  3. In August, you will want to connect your Turning Account to Blackboard. To do this, you will simply login to Blackboard, locate the Turning Account Registration link and login to your Turning Account. This will make the connection. Note: All students are required to have a Turning Account and License to receive polling grades. More information will be coming soon.
  4. Determine the best software solution for your lecture by reviewing some of the software tutorials
  5. Training is available through Turning Technologies on the various software options, the Blackboard integration and so much more. 
  6. Request an Instructor Kit.
  7. Submit your clicker order:
    • RFLCD with 1 year license: 978-1-934931-68-4
    • QT2 with 1 year license: 978-0-9972248-1-8
    • License Only (Responseware, or to license previously used clicker device): 1 year 978-1-934931-71-4
  8. Update your syllabus.
  9. Update your lectures, where necessary:
    • Ensure they are saved in the most current version of PowerPoint.
    • Test your graphs to ensure they converted properly (delete and reinsert if they are not working).
  10. Support, should you have any technical questions, is available as well. Please feel free contact them at:
  11. Practice. Practice. Practice!

We hope you find this information helpful. For on-campus questions and support, please feel free to contact us at blackboard@ttu.edu.