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July 2015 Edition

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Come & Go Labs and Last Minute Blackboard Support 

The fall semester will be here before you know it. We can help you get your online course ready.

Instruction Design Come and Go Labs

Texas Tech is a great value for out of state students

Texas Tech University was included on U.S. News and World Report's list of the "10 Most Inexpensive Online Bachelor's Programs for Out-of-State Students." Students who reside outside the State of Texas are currently charged a rate equal to that of in-state tuition when they enroll solely in online courses.

Texas Tech Students Walk to Class

Why Online Students Succeed

In this article from eduventures.com, author Brian Fleming examines the results of the Eduventures' 2015 Online Student Survey of 28,000 online students. Explore the factors that drive or hinder success and his recommendations to improve student success here.

Blackboard @ TTU

Live Shell Tips

Getting ready to copy content into your Fall Live Shell? Read on for some tips to ensure success!

Instructional Design Tips

Module Design Plans

Expanding your course design plan to include module plans will allow you to discover your teaching style. Learn how to create module plans in this article on our website from Anita Nuñez.

New Technology Notes

Faculty Uses for Skillsoft

Skillsoft Online Learning is a great way to flip your class and have students do prerequisite learning outside of the classroom to save in-class time for new information. 

ON State Authorization

Update on the Five Types of State Authorization Regulations

Russ Poulin of WICHE Cooperative of Electronic Telecommunications explains in a recent (WCET) Frontiers blog the five types of state authorization regulations. With the admonition that any single state authorization issue tends to necessarily fall under more than one of the five types, Poulin points out that institutions are inclined to consider issues only in the context of one type.

Regional Site News

Eventful Few Months at Hill Country Regional Sites

It's been an eventful few months for all three of Texas Tech University's Hill Country area regional sites. A new director has been named for two sites, multiple awards and recognitions have been received, and there are new learning opportunities available to community members. Read more in this article on our website from Kelly Podzemny.

Dr. Kelly Fox


#TTUFromAnywhere Social Media Campaign

Texas Tech University Worldwide eLearning soft launched the #TTUFromAnywhere campaign earlier this year in an effort to engage students of online and regional site programs. 

Mika Coffey Has Her Guns Up

eLearning Training Sessions at the TLPDC

Join us at the TLPDC for upcoming training sessions helpful for instructors of online and distance courses.

Thursday, July 16, Noon-1 p.m.Turning Technologies - Turning Point Cloud Overview
Thursday, August 6, 2-4 p.m.Blackboard Learn 9.1 Training: Basic Training
Monday, August 17, 2-4 p.m.Blackboard Learn 9.1 Training: Basic Training

Additional training sessions are planned throughout the rest of the semester. All can be registered for on the TLPDC's website at http://events.tlpd.ttu.edu.

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