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Support Feature in Blackboard

By Leslie DeBusk, Associate Director of Blackboard Support

Blackboard Support Button
Blackboard Support Button

As many of you have noticed, there is a Support link in Blackboard. The Support button is located at the top of any page you are on in Blackboard. From that page, you can search support articles, select a topic for support articles, create a ticket, or call Blackboard Support. This feature was added to provide additional Blackboard support for faculty and students.

Search Option

When you do a search for a specific topic, you will have several options. If your search includes TTU, the articles that were created by TTU Blackboard Support will be available or you can select TTU Support from the topics. These are all the support articles that are available on the TTU Blackboard Support page and FAQ page.

Select a Topic

Select a Topic from the available options and a list of support articles and/or videos will be listed. The first topic is TTU Support; these are the support documents that have been created by Blackboard Support at TTU.

Blackboard Support Panel

Blackboard Support Panel

Blackboard Support Panel

Blackboard Support Panel

TTU Bb Support

If the TTU Bb Support button with the envelope beside it is selected, students can send an email to IT Help Central, and faculty can send an email to TTU Blackboard Support. When faculty submit an email, it is forwarded to the TTU Blackboard Support email, and if the email was sent from the course in which you are experiencing an issue, the email we receive will include the course information that we need to look at the course.


The Call option includes a call option for IT Help Central for students and for TTU Blackboard Support for faculty. The External Blackboard Support option is for faculty and students; that number goes to our 24/7 Blackboard Support Center. If they are not able to resolve your issue, the ticket will be escalated to TTU Blackboard Support.


The Chat option opens a page where students and faculty can live chat with our Blackboard Support Center, articles can be searched, IT Help Central's AskIT Articles are accessible, and an option to create a case, as well as topic options for students and faculty members.

Additional Resources

Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions
Additional Blackboard Training Documents

Blackboard Support Information

email: blackboard@ttu.edu phone: 806-742-5399