May, 2020

We Are Here to Help!

Spring 2020 brought a lot of unique situations and challenges. The eLearning Instructional Design team and Blackboard Support had the pleasure of working with many of our faculty members through the transition to remote learning. Read More...

Short Courses for Online Instruction

TTU eLearning has created two short courses that are available for all faculty and staff interested in creating and/or teaching online courses. Read more...

Online Instruction

Course Structure and Organization

A well-developed and organized online course structure helps to support a successful online learning environment for online students. This article will cover course design, elements of Blackboard that impact structure and organization, and how these areas influence student navigation. Read more...

Module Design

Designing a plan for your learning modules can be effective in how you create and present content to your online students. Read more...

Engaging Students

Blackboard Interactive Teaching Tools

What do you do in your face-to-face classes to check on students and get them engaged? This is important to consider when transferring your course to an online environment, and there are several tool choices in Blackboard to help you.

Using Video to Engage Students

Setting up a virtual classroom is remarkably similar to setting up your face-to-face class. The main difference is that in a face-to-face class you have impromptu teaching moments and make connections that engage your students. These have to be carefully planned in an online course. Read more...

Video Creation Made Simple

Student engagement is challenging even under the best of circumstances, so how do you capture the attention of your distracted students? Educational technology can help you create an interactive learning environment. Read more...


Accessibility of Online Course Content

Creating fully accessible content is a primary component in the development of online courses. Because Texas Tech University adheres to ADA compliance, providing students with captioned videos, accessible Word documents, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations are some of the ways to meet the needs of all learners. Read more...


Blackboard Support’s Top 5 FAQs

Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about using Blackboard and learn some common areas of concern about transitioning to an online class.

Blackboard Assessment Tools

Get to know the tools to create and deliver online assessments in Blackboard.

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