Texas Tech University

Blackboard Support's Top Five FAQs

By Leslie DeBusk, Tracy Clanton-Smith and Catherine Buscemi

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What questions do you have?

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What questions do you have?

1) How do I add a TA or another instructor to my course?

Email TTU Blackboard support at blackboard@ttu.edu.

  • Provide the course name, number and section number.
  • Provide the TA or Instructor's name and eRaider username (or R#).
  • Provide what Blackboard role the user needs to have (TA, Instructor, Course Builder, Grader).
  • FERPA training is required, as well as an active ePaf with a Faculty role.

2) How do I combine my course sections into a master course that contains all sections?

Email TTU Blackboard support at blackboard@ttu.edu.

  • Provide course names, numbers and section numbers (and CRN #s, if possible).
  • Combining course sections must be done before any course work has been submitted in the course (preferably before the course session begins).

3) How do I copy course content from one course to another (e.g., DEV course to my LIVE course)? Can I copy just specific parts of my course (e.g., assignments or exams)?

When you copy course content from an existing course to a new course, you must do it from the course that has the content you want to copy. Otherwise, you risk copying a blank course, or other content you do not want, into the destination course. Refer to Course Copy in Blackboard for detailed instructions.

You can also copy a content area without assignments, a content area with assignments, or Tests, Surveys and Pools from one course to another. The "Other Course Copying Scenarios" section in the Course Copy in Blackboard document has instructions for copying each of these specific parts of your course.

4) How do I set up Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in my course?

The first step to setting up Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in your course is to create a link to Collaborate Ultra on your course Home Page or in your left Course Navigation menu. After you create the link, you will be ready to create and set up Collaborate Ultra sessions. During a Collaborate Ultra session, you can use audio and video, chat with participants in the Chatbox, share your screen and share files. If you are using the Attendance tool in your Blackboard course, you can integrate your Collaborate Ultra attendance into the attendance feature. For detailed instructions to set up and use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, refer to Collaborate Ultra in Blackboard.

5) How do I give an exam to a student who needs to take it on a different date or needs more time because of an accommodation? Can I re-open a test if a student has a computer issue and wasn't able to finish the exam?

Create a test availability exception for one or more students to allow them to take the exam early or late, and/or to give them more time. In the Test Options for the exam, you can add the student who needs the exception, as well as set the test options (i.e., number of attempts allowed, time allowed to complete the exam, and/or the specific date and time for the exam exception). Refer to Test Availability Exceptions for detailed instructions.

You can "re-open" the test for a student who had a computer issue by ignoring the test attempt. You'll need to access the exam from the Full Grade Center and view the attempt. Detailed instructions are available in Re-Open a Blackboard Test for Student. If the test is no longer available because the date for taking it has passed, you can use a Test Availability Exception.