Texas Tech University

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

Offered by the College of Media & Communication
Available: WacoPrint

Program Overview

Minimum Hours: 120
Prerequisite: Core Curriculum

Communication Studies offers a highly flexible degree that is suited to foster career success in a diverse, global, rapidly changing, information-based society. Our economic landscape is undergoing fundamental change as we shift to the new global economy, therefore it is important that you possess transferable job skills across the multiple career in your lifetime. A degree in Communication Studies can provide those skills.

Communication Studies is concerned with your career success and success in all aspects of your life. At the personal level, Communication Studies seeks to improve your personal relationships through classes in communication. At the professional level, Communication Studies enhances your effectiveness in the workplace through classes in organizational, small group, and intercultural communication. At the public level, Communication Studies promotes strong civic engagement through classes in rhetoric, public speaking, and argumentation and debate.


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