Texas Tech University

Bachelor of General Studies

Offered by the College of Arts & Sciences
Available: Online Fredericksburg | Highland Lakes | Rockwall | WacoPrint

Ranked No. 3

Program Overview

Minimum Hours: 120
Prerequisite: Core Curriculum

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) is a challenging and rewarding option for students who wish a greater degree of flexibility in their course of study. As an interdisciplinary degree, it is not based on a specific major or minor. Instead, the student’s curriculum will consist of courses from three areas of concentration, at least two of which should be established minors (or interdisciplinary programs) recognized within the 2012-2013 catalog or later. Further, two of the three areas must be within the College of Arts & Sciences. Thus, a well-designed BGS degree can help a student prepare to pursue a particular intellectual interest, a professional ambition, or graduate study. The three concentration areas form a coherent specialization that is unavailable elsewhere in the university as an organized plan of study.

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