Texas Tech University

Wind Energy Graduate Certificate Program

Managerial or Technical Track

Offered by the Graduate School
Available: Online Print

Program Overview

Minimum Hours: 15
Prerequisite: Bachelor's Degree

This 15-hour graduate certificate offers professionals post-baccalaureate level training options in six topic areas relevant to the industry, including detailed case studies. Specifically designed for non-technical professionals who wish to assume technical responsibilities in wind energy.

There are two tracks offered for this certificate, a Managerial track and a Technical track. To qualify for the Graduate Certificate, you must first complete the required courses: Advanced Managerial Wind Energy I and II (Managerial Track), or Advanced Technical Wind Energy I and II (Technical Track), – and then complete three elective courses. Find more information on the different tracks and their related courses here.

Students pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Wind Energy may take eligible courses through partner universities as part of the WindU Multi-University Consortium to receive credit towards their certificate. Please consult with the Wind Energy program graduate advisor for more details on the courses offered through the consortium.

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