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David Hankins
‘20, M.A., Strategic Communication and Innovation
(U.S. Airforce Veteran)
I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies with Teacher Earning my master's degree online allows me the freedom to do what the circumstances of life did not allow when I was younger. It was always my goal to have an advanced education but when I chose to start a family, I was suddenly faced with needing to work and have an income. Texas Tech's Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Innovation online graduate program is exactly what I need to obtain the degree I need to advance in my career. The flexibility it provides is something I wish I had available years ago. When I was raising kids, working full time, and just living life, it was very difficult to find the time to sit in a classroom. Now, thanks to online learning, I can be at home, in the local coffee shop, or even the hotel room when I'm traveling and get my school work done.

Military members often find themselves with schedules and duty assignments that are not agreeable to college pursuits. When I was active duty, I did what I could, when I could, chipping away a little at a time when schedule or location allowed. Online learning opens up so many opportunities to learn, limited only to one's internet availability.

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