Texas Tech University

Marjean D. Purinton

Professor of English
British Literature

Email: marjean.purinton@ttu.edu

Office: 208

I am a Professor of English and Affiliate Faculty in Women's and Gender Studies.  My specialization is British Romanticism, and I have published extensively on British Romantic drama and women writers.  Feminist theory informs both my teaching and my scholarship. 

I have been on faculty at Texas Tech University for 26 years, serving in several administrative roles: Director of Literature, Language, and Creative Writing for the English Department (three years); Associate Chair of the English Department (four years); Associate Dean of the Honors College (eight years). 

A member of the Texas Tech University Teaching Academy, I served as Chair of its Executive Committee (2002-2006).  I have served on the Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Advisory Council and the Texas Tech University Women's Studies Advisory Council.   

I have received five fellowships: 

  • HERS Summer Leadership Institute (2012), 
  • Faculty Fellow TTU Institute for Inclusive Excellence (2011-2012), 
  • Wakonse National Teaching Fellow (1999), 
  • Wakonse Regional Teaching Fellow (1999 & 2002), 
  • Five College Women's Studies Research Fellow (1993-1994).   
Dr. Purinton's professional headshot


Two monographs:  Romantic Ideology Unmasked: The Mentally Constructed Tyrannies in Dramas of William Wordsworth, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, and Joanna Baillie (1994) and Staging Grotesques and Ghosts: Techno-Gothic British Romantic Drama (in progress).

Over 60 articles and book chapters, a selected recent sampling: 

  • Nance Oldfield: The Tragedy Queen: What a Prompt Manuscript Reveals about Women's Theatre Theory” in Women's Theatre Theory and Dramatic Criticism (2021). 
  • “The British Reception of Frankenstein (1818) and the Culture of Early Nineteenth-Century Science” in Mary Shelley and Europe (2020). 
  • “Canines and Other Quadrupeds: Human and Animal Relations Staged in Romantic Drama” in Romantic Rapports: New Essays in Romanticism Across the Disciplines (2017). 
  • “Georgian Women Playwrights” in Oxford Handbook on the Georgian Playhouse (2014). 
  • “Lee: The New Science and Female Madness” in The New Science and Women's Literary Discourses: Prefiguring “Frankenstein” (2011). 
  • “The City as Portal: Late Georgian Women on the Stage in the Public Sphere” in Wordsworth Circle (2010). 
  • “Cross-Dressing and the Performance of Gender in Romantic-Period Comic Plays by Women” in Spheres of Action: Speech and Performance in Romantic Culture (2009). 
  • “Feminist Utopianism and Female Sexuality in Joanna Baillie's Comedies” in Romantic Circles (2008). 
  • “George Colman, The Iron Chest, and Blue Beard and the Pseudoscience of Curiosity Cabinets” in Victorian Studies (2007). 
  • “Romantic Drama and the Discourse of Criminality” in Romantic Comparative Discourses (2006).   

Over 100 conference presentations. 

Over 25 book reviews. 

Over 10 grants, including two National Endowment for the Humanities grants.   

Professional Service

I have held over five editorial board positions, and I have served in the following capacities in professional organizations:   

  • Member of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism Conference Committee (2018-2023), 
  • Elected Representative of the National Council of Honors Colleges Board of Directors (2012-2015), 
  • President and Scholarship Coordinator of the Texas Tech University Chapter of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (2008-2014), 
  • President of the International Conference on Romanticism (2004-2006), 
  • Member of the International Conference on Romanticism Advisory Board (2001-2011), 
  • Hosted Annual Meeting of the International Conference on Romanticism (2010), 
  • English Representative for the South Central Modern Language Association Executive Board (2003-2006). 


I have served on numerous PhD dissertation, MA thesis, and Honors thesis committees. 

In addition to various core curriculum courses, the courses I routinely teach include: 

  • British Romantic Literature (English 3308), 
  • Romantic Drama (English 4312), 
  • Studies in Selected Authors: Jane Austen and Mary Shelley (English 4301), 
  • Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature: British Romanticism & Criminal Justice (English 5309), 
  • Teaching College Literature (English 5392), 
  • Feminist Thought and Theories (Women's & Gender Studies 5310), 
  • Introduction to Women's Studies (Women's & Gender Studies 2300), 
  • Senior Seminar in Women's Studies: Redefining Culture: Woman at Center (Women's & Gender Studies 4300), 
  • Honors Introduction to Drama: Tragically Monstrous (English 2306), 
  • Honors Frankenstein and Its Monstrous Offspring (Honors 1304), 
  • Honors Women Writers: Romantic Pain & Hysteria in Gothic Literature (English 3382).   


Academic Awards

I am a member of the honor societies of Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Golden Key.    

I am a lifetime member of the International Women's Leadership Association. 

Other recognitions include: 

  • Raider Who Rocks Recognition (2013), 
  • Teaching, Learning, & Professional Development Faculty Spotlight Award (2011), 
  • Mortar Board Apple Polishing Recognition for Excellent Faculty (2009), 
  • Texas Tech University Professing Excellence Award (2008), 
  • Texas Tech University President's Excellence in Teaching Award (2003).