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Sara Spurgeon


Email: sara.spurgeon@ttu.edu

Ph.D. University of Arizona
Literature-American West and Southwest

Spurgeon works in literatures of the American West and Southwest, as well as nature/environmental writing, gender studies, and critical indigenous and decolonial theory. She is the author of Exploding the Western: Myths of Empire on the Postmodern Frontier, co-author of Writing the Southwest, editor of the critical anthology Cormac McCarthy, and co-editor of Weird Westerns: Race, Gender, Genre. She has published essays on Ana Castillo, Cormac McCarthy, Brokeback Mountain, and indigenous speculative fiction, comics, and sci fi. She founded and co-directs the Literature, Social Justice, and Environment Program (LSJE) in the Department of English, which includes a graduate concentration and undergraduate minor. In 2019/2020, Spurgeon was a Fulbright Professor of American Literature and Culture at the University of Bergen, Norway.

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Edited Collections

  • Weird Westerns: Race, Gender, GenreCo-editors Michael Johnson, Kerry Fine, and Rebecca Lush.  University of Nebraska Press. 2020.
  • Cormac McCarthy:  All the Pretty Horses, No Country for Old Men, The Road.  Continuum Studies in Contemporary North American Fiction Series.  London: Continuum Publishing Group.  2011.  (176 pages)


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  • Ana Castillo:  Western Writers Series (No. 163).  Boise:  Boise State University Press. 2004. (Monograph booklet, 56 pages)

Recent Articles 

  • "'The bomb was like the Indians':  Trickster Mimetics and Native Nationalism in Martin Cruz Smith's The Indians Won," American Quarterly, 66.4 (2014): 999-1020.
  • Interview with Larry McMurtry, Southwestern American Literature, 40.1 (Fall 2014):  47-79.
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  • "Pledged in Blood":  Truth and Redemption in Cormac McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses," Western American Literature. 34.1 (1999) : 24-44.

Essays/Chapters in Books

  • “Indians, Aliens, and Superheroes: Countering Silence and the Invisual in David Mack's Echo: Vision Quest.” Aesthetic Apprehensions: Silences and Absences in False Familiarities. Eds. Lene Johannessen and Jena Lee Habegger-Conti. Lanham, MD:  Lexington Books.  Due 2020. 
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Book Reviews (invited)

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  • "Joy Harjo" program script, with David K. Dunaway, for "Writing the Southwest," an NEH sponsored, thirteen-part radio documentary series, aired nationally on public and community radio stations, October 1996.
  • "John Nichols" program script, with David K. Dunaway, for "Writing the Southwest."

Short Fiction

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  • President's Faculty Fellow, Office of the President, Texas Tech University, 2013/2014


  • Nominee--Annette Kolodny Prize for Best Essay on Environment and Culture (for "Miracles in the Desert: Literature, Water, and Public Discourse in the American West) 2010
  • Nominee--Thomas J. Lyon Award for Best Book on the Literature and Culture of the American West (for Exploding the Western: Myths of Empire on the Postmodern Frontier) 2005
  • Recipient--University of Arizona Provost Author's Support Fund Award (for Exploding the Western: Myths of Empire on the Postmodern Frontier) 2004


  • Director of Graduate Studies, 2014-2015
  • President, Western Literature Association, 2012
  • Co-Director, LSJE (Literature, Social Justice, Environment) Concentration, Texas Tech University Department of English, 2008-Present
  • Co-Editor, Literature and Culture Handbook Series, Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Member, Editorial Board, Western American Literature: Quarterly Journal of the Western Literature Association
  • Member, Editorial Board, Western Writers Series, Boise State University Press


  • Modern Languages Association
  • Western Literature Association
  • Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment
  • American Studies Association
  • Phi Kappa Phi Academic Honor Society