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Comparative Literature Program

The Program in Comparative Literature at Texas Tech University has had a long history and a rich tradition. Starting in the late 1960s, with a few faculty members from different humanities disciplines meeting and exchanging their interests in comparative studies, the program has grown and evolved into one that encompasses both undergraduate minors and graduate specializations.  It supports both Western and Third World studies, as well as organizes an annual symposium attracting scholars from across the region, the nation, and the globe.

In what has increasingly been called an age of globalization, the program will continue to play its role of leadership at Texas Tech in facilitating intellectual exchanges across disciplines, cultivating a community of scholars with diverse interests and backgrounds, and advocating for cultural interaction across national boundaries. We will encourage our students to explore the dynamic dimensions of literatures and cultures beyond the national model, making connections among critical theory, literary and media analysis, and cultural studies, and developing paradigms and approaches that would enrich both the theory and practice in comparative studies. We will also broaden the horizon of our students by articulating comparative studies in more flexible terms and redefining the discipline at the local level, which would highlight the uniqueness of our geographical location, academic resources, and faculty strength. Not only will we pursue our tradition and interest in Western studies and translation studies, but we will also promote new visions and fresh voices that have been derived from border studies, Vietnam War studies, as well as Asian and Asian American studies.

The program is committed to academic excellence and cultural diversity. We will work together and make our program a regionally and nationally recognized one!

Comparative literature


For more information about the Comparative Literature emphasis, contact Dr. Yuan Shu or by calling the Department of English at 806.742.2500.

For general information about graduate study in English at Texas Tech University, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies by email or at 806.742.2500 ext. 248.

Comparative Literature Program

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