Texas Tech University

Distance and Hybrid Coursework

The Department of English offers many courses and several degree programs online. Our online degrees include the BA in English and the MA in English, as well as the BA in Technical Communication, the MA in Technical Communication, and the PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric.

Online courses are taught in a variety of formats, including asynchronous, synchronous, and hybrid (descriptions below). If you aren't sure about how a course will be delivered, check the course description, or ask your advisor or the course instructor for more information. Enrolling in an online course means you agree to meet the technology requirements for participation. At a minimum, online courses require a stable internet connection, a computer (not only a cell phone), and a quiet work room to meet in during class time. Many online courses also require a microphone and webcam. Meeting times for synchronous and hybrid classes will appear on a your schedule.


Asynchronous courses often use Blackboard for discussions, reading responses, group work, and so on. Instructors will provide a schedule including deadlines, but the class will not have a set meeting time, meaning that students must complete the work on their own.


Synchronous courses will meet at a regular time using videoconferencing software such as Zoom, Skype, or GoToMeeting. Instructors may require that students use a webcam to show their faces during class. Students may also meet with the instructor during office hours via videoconferencing.


Hybrid courses blend synchronous online environments with a traditional classroom environment: some students enroll online and some enroll onsite. Often, hybrid classrooms will have a polydirectional mic and camera that allow online students to see and hear their onsite instructor and classmates.

Online students can still access TTU Libraries. To learn more, visit the TTU Libraries Distance Patrons page.