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Scott Baugh

Dr. Scott Baugh

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Oklahoma State University
Web: http://www.faculty.english.ttu.edu/baugh/

Scott L. Baugh specializes in film/media studies with emphases in Chicana/o & Latina/o cinema and Latin American cultural studies. He is the author of Latino American Cinema (Greenwood, 2012), the co-editor with Victor A. Sorell of Born of Resistance: Cara a Cara Encounters with Chicana/o Visual Culture (U of Arizona P, 2016), and the editor of Mediating Chicana/o Culture: Multicultural American Vernacular (Cambridge Scholars, second edition, 2008). His current research projects include a collection of writing by and about luminary Chicano experimental artist Willie Varela; a critical monograph on Alfonso Cuáron's landmark film Y Tu Mamá Tambíen; a study of cultural mestizaje and multicultural aesthetics in American cinema; and a study of contemporary Latin American media culture, cinema, and manifestoes.

Edited Collections
Special Issues

Special Issues

  • Journal of Film & Video, 57.1-2 (2005). Double issues on Experimental and Multicultural film, video, and digital media arts. With Willie Varela. 106 pp
  • Film & History, 34.2 (2004). Latin American Film History, part 2. With Mike Schoenecke. 112 pp
  • Film & History, 34.1 (2004). Latin American Film History, part 1. With Mike Schoenecke. 112 pp


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  • "A Conversation with Willie Varela," in Born of Resistance. Tuscon: U of Arizona P (2016), 232-238.
  • "Resisting Definitions of Chicana/o Visual Culture" (Introduction) in Born of Resistance. Tuscon: U of Arizona P (2016), 3-36. With Victor A. Sorell.
  • "Hecho en Mexico, @cross 'Digital Divides': Border Graffiti and Narrative Codes in Fran Ilich's Cuidad/City," Mediating Chicana/o Culture, 2/e (2008), 140-164.
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  • Lawrence Schovanec Teaching Academy Fellowship, TTU, 2016.
  • SCMLA-South Central Modern Language Association, Faculty Research Award, 2015-2016.
  • TTU Libraries Lyerla Travel Grant, for archival research in 2016, Stanford University Library's Special Collection.
  • PCA/ACA-Popular Culture/American Culture Associations' Marshall Fishwick Research Grant, 2008.
  • American Historical Association - Film & History League's Scholarly Editing Award (for Film & History [34.1 (2004)] speical issue on Latin American film history) with Mike Schoenecke. 2004.
  • Support of Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity in the Arts and Humanities," Vice President for Research, TTU, "Project Grant Proposal: Mitoteando con Media: Revolutions in Chicana/Chicano Video Art" - for archival research in 2006, Video Data Bank, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
  • "Visiting Scholar Fellowship," Centro de Estudios Americanos/Center for American Studies, Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila/Autonomous University of Coahuila, Saltillo, Coahuila, MX - for workshop at the Center of American Studies and archival research at the School of Arts, Autonomous University of Coahuila in 20[??]


  • Latino American Cinema: An Encyclopedia of Movies, Stars, Concepts, and Trends. Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood/ABC-Clio, 2012. 315 pp
    Latino American Cinema

Edited Collections

  • Born of Resistance: Cara a Cara Encounters with Chicana/o Visual Culture. Tuscon: U of Arizona P, 2016. 340 pp (co-edited with Victor A. Sorell)
  • Mediating Chicana/o Culture: Multicultural American Vernacular. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars P. 1/e, 2006; 2/e, 2008. 240 pp
    Mediating Chicana/o Culture