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There are many ways to contribute to the Department of English. No gift is too small, and all gifts are appreciated. Please see the options below.

Contribution Gifts

Your contribution is combined with the gifts of other alumni to help us achieve the goals the faculty and students have set together.

Increasing Graduate Student Stipends

In exchange for teaching or research for us, our graduate students receive a modest stipend, and we help them with most of their tuition expenses, but at the end of the day most of the time it isn't enough. In fact, many of our graduate students are food challenged. Your contributions to increasing graduate student stipends helps us to recruit the best and keep them happy and healthy.

Recruitment Scholarships

The most talented students have the choice of many programs; having recruitment scholarships, even just a few hundred dollars, can swing them our way. Your contributions to this fund help us provide an extra incentive that may help us convince students to choose Texas Tech.

Study Abroad Travel Funding

Those of us have been abroad, either through school or on a personal trip, know how it can change your worldview. Too many of our lower-income undergraduates can't afford to join our Study Abroad Program while also paying for school. We would like to provide travel funding for undergraduates in our Study Abroad Program, so that these students aren't left behind.

Excellence Fund

Not sure which option you like? Donate to our Excellence Funds, which the Chair is able to use at his discretion for the needs of all the faculty and students in the entire department-Literature, Creative Writing, and Technical Communitation.

Other Contribution Options

Nameable Gifts

Sometimes we want to honor a person with a gift in their name. This section describes gifts that you would be able to name after your honoree.

Temporary Named Gifts

You can donate to a temporary scholarship or an enhancement to a position. These named gifts last as long as the funding lasts. For example, if you wanted to donate a $1,000 scholarship for four years, you would donate $4,000 and you could name it as you like. If you wanted to supplement a position in your favorite field, say creative writing, you could donate $10,000 to be given to a creative writing faculty member over five years.

Endowed Named Gifts

If you want to honor a loved one with a gift that lasts into perpetuity, you can select a permanent named gift. The funding for these gifts goes into its own account managed by our development office, and generally the interest is what is disbursed to the awardee, so that the gift lasts permanently. (More information on estimated fund payout can be found on the College of Arts and Science's What to Support page.) You can name the gift after yourself, a loved one, a favorite professor - you name it as you like.

Receiving an endowed faculty position is a great honor for a faculty member. The extra funding is typically used by the awardee to have summers free to research and write or to fund extra research trips. The honor and additional funding also helps us attract the best faculty members.

To establish a named endowed gift, consider the following donation guidelines:

  • Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship: $25,000
  • Endowed Graduate Fellowship: $50,000
  • Endowed Assistant Professorship: $100,000
  • Endowed Assosiate Professorship: $200,000
  • Endowed Professor: $500,000
  • Endowed Chair or Program Director: $1,000,000

How to Donate

You can donate in one of two ways.

Online Donations

Donors may also choose to give online. If you know the specific fund in which you wish to donate, such as the English Department Fund for Excellence, Technical Communication Fund for Excellence, or one of our established endowment funds, you may search for the fund by name. If you need help in finding an endowment or establishing a new named endowment, please contact the Department Chair, Brian Still for more information.

Donating by Check

Make your check payable to "Texas Tech Foundation." In the memo section of the check, write the name of the endowment to which you are contributing. Search for your employer on the university's Matching Gift page, to see if your employer has a matching gift program for education. If so, get a copy of the employer form for a matching gift.

Send the check and form either to the Department of English (P.O. Box 43091 Lubbock, TX 79409-3091), or to Texas Tech University System Financial Services (P.O. Box 45025 Lubbock, TX 79409-5025).