Texas Tech University

BHDH Certification Requirements

Students enrolled in the Certificate in Book History and Digital Humanities take 15 credit hours' worth of courses. Of those, six hours come from the BHDH core, and the remaining nine hours from electives, in consultation with the certificate directors.

Certificate students must submit the Graduate Certificate Program plan to the certificate director before the second semester of enrollment in the certificate.

All core courses and most of the elective courses are offered both onsite and online, except where otherwise indicated.

Core Courses (choose 2 of the following 3)

  • 5341 - Histories and Theories of the Book
  • 5344 - Teaching History of the Book
  • 5346 - Digital Humanities

Elective Courses (Choose 9 hours)


  • ENGL 5340 - Research Methods (only applicable when contains appropriate content)
  • ENGL 5345 - Letterpress Printing History and Practice (onsite only)
  • ENGL 5347 - Scholarly Editing in Digital Environments
  • ENGL 5348 - Topics in History of the Book
  • ENGL 5349 - Religion and the Material Text
  • ENGL 5369 - Discourse and Technology

To see the broad range of possibilities available within these courses, click here. English courses not on this list and courses in other departments may be considered for credit in the certificate with the advance approval of the certificate director. To request such consideration, please contact the director, Dr Marta Kvande.