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Khaleel Abusal (LIT)

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Chad Abushanab is a PhD student in the English program with specializations in creative writing (poetry), poetic form, and Modern American poetry. He has published poems, essays, and reviews with The Raintown Review, Bayou Magazine, Resources for American Literary Scholarship, and The Chronicle of Higher Education, among others. He received honorable mention for a 2011 Academy of American Poets prize, and a fellowship to study at the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry at Queens University Belfast, in Northern Ireland. He is currently an associate editor for Iron Horse Literary Review.


Timihelin Alake (LIT)

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Kristine Acosta | PhD (TCR)

MA in Applied Learning and Instruction from The University of Central Florida
BA in English from Florida International University

Research interests: Community literacy; community engagement; visual literacy; intercultural communication in online environments; writing program administration.

 Adesiyan Headshot

Jelilat Adeysian | PhD (TCR)


BA | University of Houston-Downtown | English, Professional Writing, Creative Writing

MS | University of Houston-Downtown | Technical Communication and Rhetoric
Research interests: Software development cycle , usability and user centered-design.


Tatianna Aker (TCR)


 Casey Akins (TCR)

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Sumaia Aldubaikhi is currently a third year Ph.D. student specialized in linguistics. Her research interests include: sociolinguistics, language contact, bilingualism, language ideology, language and social media, language attitudes, and pidgin and creole languages. Driven by her passion for the interaction between language and culture, she presented a talk at the Linguistic Society of America 2017 annual meeting about an emerging pidgin in Saudi Arabia and her investigation about young females' attitudes toward it. In her future research, she is planning to enrich the field by conducting researches about this pidgin. She is a member of Linguistic Society of America, Modern Language Association, Arabic Linguistic Society, and Society of Pidgin and Creole Languages.

Heather Annis 

Heather Annis (TCR)

BA | University of Massachusetts Amherst | English
BA | University of Massachusetts Amherst | Middle Eastern Studies

Research interests: Usability, user centered-design, disability studies.

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Sarah Austin | PhD (TCR)

MEd | Salisbury University
MA | Colorado State University | Rhetoric and Composition

Research interests: Critical composition theory and activism in the first-year composition (FYC) classroom; technology and the re-envisioning of composition pedagogy and FYC programs; media studies as they pertain to visual and feminist rhetorics; whiteness studies and technology; engagement of non-traditional students through technical communication; gender rhetorics pertaining to technology and new media; neuroscience's rhetorical reinforcement of gender norms; issues of access related to knowledge, technology; science studies; gender and the military.

Austin, Sarah E. "When Sex Doesn't Sell: Using a Qualitative Analysis of a Feminist Magazine to Teach the Rhetorical Situation." Feminist Teacher 24.1-2: (2014). Print.
Austin, Sarah E. "The Implications of the 'New' Majority of Non-Tenurable Faculty for First Year Composition Curricula and Critical Pedagogy." ProQuest, 2014. Web.

Balghare Headshot 

Akshata Balghare | PhD (TCR)


BE | University of Pune (India)| Electronics Engineering
MTPC | Auburn University | Technical and Professional Communication

Research interests: engineering and scientific communication, technical editing, intercultural technical communication, composition pedagogy, user-experiencing design.

Profile picture of Jeanna Balreira

Jeanna Balreira | MATC (TCR)

BA | Trinity University | English, German

Research Interests: programming as a second language, programming languages as diagrammed with subjects, predicates, adjectives, adverbs, objects, and clauses. the gap between human and computer communication, engagement with "PSL" courses and course content


Emily Barrows (LIT)


Deronda Baughman (TCR)

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Erica Ellingson Baumle | PhD (TCR)


BA | Texas Lutheran University | English

MA | Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi | English

Research interests: user experience, user-centered design, technical communication, digital rhetoric, research methods, and rhetorical theory.

Selected Presentations:

"User-Generated Content as Collaboration in Gaming Support Sites," Computers and Writing 2016, May 2016, Rochester, NY

"Taking Action: Examining the Digital as Composition," Conference on College Composition and Communication 2016, April 2016 (Houston, TX)

"User Generated Content as Technical Communication: A Text Mining Content Analysis," Computers and Writing 2015, May 2015 (Stout, WI)

"User-Created Technical Communication: Reward for Knowledge Work," Conference on College Composition and Communication 2015, March 2015 (Tampa, FL)

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Maryn Belling | PhD (TCR)


MA |Northern Arizona University | English

MA| Northern Arizona University | Administration, health care emphasis

Research interests: Rural Healthcare, Women's Experiences in the Workplace, Teen Pregnancy, Health Disparities, Mental Health, Reproductive Health (preventative, contraceptive, wellness), Religious Influence on Sexual Health/Satisfaction/Beliefs, Sex Ed/Abstinence Only Education, Fear as an Extrinsic Motivator for Abstinence, Cultural Constructs of a Woman's Worth, Indigenous Peoples' Enculturation About Gender & Reproduction


Susanna Bender (LIT)

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Brandy Bippes | PhD (TCR)

MA | Eastern Washington University | English: Technical Communication & Rhetoric, TESL
BA | Eastern Washington University | Technical Communication
BA | Eastern Washington University | Anthropology (linguistic)
minors: linguistics, visual communication design, TESOL

Research interests: intercultural issues in technical communication and rhetoric, pedagogy, program development

Brandy is a PhD student in Technical Communication & Rhetoric with a specialization in second language and composition pedagogy. She brings several years of entrepreneurship combined with international work and study to the field. Her most recent work studies mechanisms that bring international students to U.S. universities. Brandy's passion lies in the interdisciplinary unification of seemingly disparate studies.
CV: http://brandybippes.com

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Andrew Blick | PhD (TCR)

BA | Western Washington University | Linguistics; Spanish Language and Literature
MEd | Western Washington University | Continuing and College (Adult) Education
Certificates | Western Washington University | TESOL; Bilingual Education

Andrew Blick is a PhD student in the Technical Communication and Rhetoric program. He is currently the Lead Instructional Designer for Extended Education at Western Washington University, where he oversees the Tech Services Group, directs Western's Summer Session, collaborates with faculty in developing online and blended programs, and manages the Western Employee Language Program.


Joshua Blount (TCR)


Faith Boren (LIT)

Profile picture of Jessie Borgman

Jessie Borgman | PHD (TCR)

Jessie Borgman is a PhD student in Technical Communication and Rhetoric. She has a B.A. from Indiana University and an M.A. from Western Michigan University. She is the co-creator of The Online Writing Instruction Community (www.owicommunity.org), a website dedicated to collecting and sharing online writing instruction resources. Her research interests include online writing instruction, course design, genre studies, two-year colleges and Writing Program Administration. Publications and conference presentations can be found on her website (www.jessieborgman.com).

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Margaret Emma Brandl | PhD (CW)


BA | The University of Alabama | English, Creative Writing, Liberal Arts

MFA | University of Notre Dame | Creative Writing, Prose

Research interests: contemporary American prose, hybrid literature, translation theory and praxis, life writing, fan/fandom studies

Selected Publications:

"Level Guide" in Gulf Coast

"Mukbang" in The Cincinnati Review

"Fall, Freshman Year" in Cumberland River Review

"Beetroot" in Pithead Chapel

"Red Nail Polish" in CHEAP POP

"Clock-Based Events" in Gravel

Selected Presentations:

Panel organizer for "When Harry Met Hermione: Fan Fiction in the Creative Writing Classroom," Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference, March 2019 (expected).

"West Texas: A Letter to Walt Whitman," Conference on the Sowell Family Collection in Literature, Community and the Natural World, April 2018.

"Reliquary," MARTIN Second Annual Spring Symposium, April 2018.

"On Keeping Notebooks," Conference on the Sowell Family Collection in Literature, Community and the Natural World, April 2017.

"Failing Ovid: On Translating Heroides," Texas Tech Comparative Literature Symposium, April 2017.

"Of Moons," Iron Horse Literary Review 4th Annual Film Fest, April 2016.

"A New Sailor Moon? The American Magical Girl in Bee and PuppyCat!" Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Conference, February 2015.


Katir Britton (TCR)


Delphine Broccard (TCR)


Christin Brodie (TCR)

 Chloe Brooke Headshot

Chloe Brooke | PhD (LIT)


BA | Tarleton State University | English, Agricultural Communications

MA | Texas Woman's University | English

Research interests: British literature, Medieval, Renaissance, Romanticism, Victorian England, feminist rhetoric and perspectives, controversy in politics and religion, monarchy, monarchy and church dissensions, bibliographic research

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Michael Brooks | PhD (TCR)

Brousseau Headshot 

Emma Brousseau | MA (LIT)


BA | Saint Mary's College | Psychology

MS | Villanova University | Experimental Psychology

Research interests: speculative fiction, feminist theory, gender and sexuality, behavioral neuroscience, temporal perception, existentialism and absurdism

Selected Presentations:

Brousseau, E., Machlovi, S., Frye, M., and Tye, S. "Effect of anti-inflammatory and antipsychotic treatment on efficacy of deep brain stimulation for treatment-resistant depression." Mayo Clinic Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Poster Session. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. July 2015.

Brousseau, E., De Corte, B., and Matell, M. "Dissociating reward rate- from timing-mediated transfer of temporal information across different modality cues." Villanova University, Villanova, PA. Presented at the 24th Annual International Conference on Comparative Cognition. April 2017.

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Jennifer Buentello | PhD (LIT)


BA | Texas A&M International University | English


MFA | The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley | Creative Writing


Jennifer Buentello is a PhD student in English specializing in creative writing (fiction) with a focus on translation and Mexican-American literature. Her stories, essays, and reviews have been published in journals including The New Orleans Review, The Texas Review, Writing Texas, and elsewhere. Jennifer currently serves as an associate editor for Iron Horse Literary Review. For more information, view her website here: www.jenniferbuentello.com



Rose Cahalan (TCR)


Eric Camarillo | PhD (TCR)

 Lauren Cargill headshot

Lauren Cargill | MA (LIT)


BA | Texas Tech University | English

Research interests: British literature, Women's studies and social justice

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Nick Carrington | PhD (TCR)


BA | Cedarville University | Technical and Professional Communication
MA | Missouri State University | Writing

Research interests: Technical communication pedagogy, web content development, editing

Presented a workshop entitled "Preparing Students to Learn Technology Throughout Their Careers" at the 10th Annual Society for Technical Communication Workshop for Teachers of Technical Writing at Missouri State on March 28, 2013
Presented a workshop entitled "Finding the Right Job: Why You Have More Options Than You Think" at the 12th Annual Society for Technical Communication Regional Student Conference at Missouri State University on March 29, 2013.
Presented "Reflecting on the Tools of Technical Communication" at CPTSC 2013


Shannon Elaine Cearley (LIT)

 Tanya Cerovski Headshot

Tanya Cerovski | MA (LIT)


BA | Sam Houston State University | English and History

Research Interests: Indigenous Futurism and issues of body sovereignty; comparative literature; book history; digital literacy and communal learning; film history; writing center administration

 Joey Chavez Headshot

Joey Chavez | MA (LIT)


BA | Sul Ross State University | English, Communication

Selected Presentations:

"A Study of the Formal Features of Japanese Manga and The Creation of a Western Manga from Eastern Traditions: Skyion of Kiah," McNair Scholars Program (May 2017), Sul Ross State University.

"The Creative Process Featured in Two Parts: A Critical Analysis of Barry Lopez' Creative Process and My Own Creative Process in the Style of Environmental Literature," McNair Scholars Program (May 2016), Sul Ross State University.

Chen Chen

Chen Chen is a PhD student in English specializing in creative writing (poetry) with a focus on contemporary political poetry, Asian American and queer poetics, humor, and the elegy. He is the author of two chapbooks and a full-length poetry collection, When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities, which won the A. Poulin, Jr. Poetry Prize and will be published in spring 2017 by BOA Editions, Ltd. His work appears in numerous periodicals and anthologies, including Poetry, The Massachusetts Review, Indiana Review, Gulf Coast, The Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day, Best of the Net, and The Best American Poetry. He has received fellowships from Kundiman, Lambda Literary, and the Saltonstall Foundation. He is the recipient of a 2016 Warren S. Walker Award for best critical writing in a graduate course in English and has presented his scholarly work at the Futures of American Studies at Dartmouth College. At TTU, he teaches introduction to creative writing and serves as a Managing Editor for Iron Horse Literary Review.

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Dakota Chisum (LIT)


Anastasia Coles | PhD (LIT)

a nastasia.coles@ttu.edu

BA | University of Iowa | Russian

MA | University of Texas Austin | Slavic Linguistics

MA | Texas Tech University | Technical Communication

Graduate Certificate | Texas Tech University | Teaching English in International Contexts

Research interests: syntax, semantics, generative grammar, ESL, L2 advanced composition

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Charlotte Colon-Velez (LIT)

Headshot for Shayla Corprew

Shayla Corprew | PhD (TCR)


BA | Virginia Tech | English (Professional Writing concentration)
BA | Virginia Tech | Interdisciplinary Studies (Africana Studies)

Research interests: visual rhetoric, document design, ethics, information management and security, graphic design

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Michelle Cowan | MATC

BA | Texas Tech University | Spanish and English

Research interests: writing assessment, neuroscience and writing, technical communication in the workplace, usability, invention and creativity

Profile picture of Bailey Cundiff

Bailey Cundiff | MATC (TCR)

BA | Texas A&M | Rhetoric

Research interests: usability/user experience, research methods/methodologies, technical editing, content management



Laura Janene Davison | PhD (TCR)

Mary DeNora

Mary DeNora | PhD (TCR)

BA | University of California at Berkeley | Rhetoric
MA | San Diego State University | Rhetoric and Writing
EdD candidate| Bethel University, Minneapolis/St. Paul | Higher Education Leadership & Administration

Research interests:
Audience research and analysis, intercultural communication and cultural intelligence, user experience research methods and design, programmatic innovation and assessment, and STEM rhetorics

Rhetoric of Progressive Revelation - Master's Project, San Diego State University, May 2007

 Claudia Diaz

Claudia Diaz | MA (LIT)


BA | Texas Tech University | English

Research interests: young adult literature, cultural identity's interaction with style, meter of plot within short stories, British modernism especially industrialist

 Profile picture of Nancy Dinan

Nancy Dinan | PhD

Dodd Headshot 

Alexa Dodd | MA (CW)


BA | University of Dallas | English

Research interests: creative writing, fiction, nonfiction, magical realism, flash fiction, novels, twentieth & twenty-first century American literature


"Ocean Life and Other Things I Learned from You," After Happy Hour Review Issue 10 (Forthcoming).

Selected Presentations:

"The Ice Maker," American Studies Association of Texas, November 2017.

"Not Like Them" & "Ocean Life and Other Things I Learned from You," Sowell Conference, April 2018.


Joseph Dornich | PhD (LIT)

Profile picture of Ashley Edlin

Ashley Hardage Edlin |PhD (TCR)

BA | Wayland Baptist University | English and Business Administration
MA | Wayland Baptist University | English

Research interests: Rhetorical analysis, archival and historical research, and feminist rhetorics

Women and Wartime: Women's Ways of Making During WWII. Presented at Feminisms and Rhetorics conference in Tempe, AZ, 2015.

Composition and service learning: Using reflections to incorporate experiential and practical knowing into a first-year writing course. Presented at South Central Writing Center Association conference, 2014.


 Wesley English

 Profile picture for Jasmine Epstein

Jasmine V. Bailey Epstein | PhD


AB | Colgate University

MFA | University of Virginia

Research interests: Latin American literature, environmental writing, 20th century American poetry, Modernism

Jasmine's first collection of poetry, Alexandria, was published by Carnegie Mellon University Press in 2014 and won the Central New York Book Award. Her forthcoming collection, Disappeared, will be published by Carnegie Mellon in fall 2017. She has served as the Olive O'Connor fellow in creative writing at Colgate University, a Fulbright English teaching assistant in Argentina, and her chapbook, Sleep and What Precedes It, won the 2009 Longleaf Press Chapbook Prize. She has been the poetry editor of Meridian, and a reader and book reviewer for Carolina Quarterly, 32 Poems, Virginia Quarterly Review and currently for Iron Horse. Her poems have appeared in Hayden's Ferry Review, Crab Orchard Review, Cimarron, Midwest Quarterly and 12 Women: an anthology of poems, published by Carnegie Mellon.


Kim Fain (TCR)


Patricia Fausset (TCR)


Jen Fierke (TCR)


Michelle Flahive (TCR)


Ruth Emily Flores (TCR)


Zachariah L. Forkner | PhD (LIT)


BA | College of the Ozarks | English

MA | Bradley University | English

Research interests: Film and Media studies, comics, science fiction, serialization, and genre



 Marlene Galvan (TCR)

 Profile picture of Taryn Gilbert

Taryn Gilbert Howard| PhD (LIT)

BA | University of Kansas | English Literature and Creative Writing
MA |Wichita State University | English Literature

Research Interests: Mid nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature; women's literature; realism; modernism; multiethnic literature

Selected Teaching Awards:
TEACH Program Fellow. Teaching, Learning, & Professional Development Center. Texas Tech University, 2016-2017.

Best Classroom Instructor at PhD Level. English Department. Texas Tech University, 2016.

Selected Presentations:
“Bessie Smith and Nina Simone's Revolutionary Blues: Female Voices, Female Power within African American Political Movements” Conference of College Teachers of English, Hurst, TX. 2017.

“The Children Used Her Up: The Rejection of Motherhood in Nella Larsen's Quicksand and Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God” PCA/ACA National Conference, Seattle, WA. 2016.

“Performing Stereotypical Migration in Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior and China Men” Comparative Literature Symposium, Lubbock, TX. 2015.


Meghan Giles| PhD (LIT)


BA | Texas Tech University | English, French

MFA | McNeese State University | English—Creative Writing

Research interests: Creative Writing: Poetry, Translation, Place Writing: the Southwest and the Great Plains


"Coronado Island" and "Reception," Waves: A Confluence of Women's Voices Anthology, A Room of Her Own Foundation (Forthcoming),

"Reasons to Date the Lead Singer," Measure: A Review of Formal Poetry (Forthcoming),

"Eden's Station and Eve," "Mirage," and "Cadillac Ranch," South Dakota Review (Vol. 52 Nos. 3-4),

"Reception," The Dock: Hayden's Ferry Review Online (November 2015)


Kim Goode (TCR)

 Julie Grisham headshot

Julie Grisham | PhD (TCR)


MA | Texas Tech University | Technical Communication

MA | University of Texas-San Antonio | Education

BA | Texas A&M University | English

Research Interests: Disability studies, accessibility, accessible rhetoric, inclusive/accessible pedagogy, visual rhetoric, technical communication, user experience, user-centered design

 Hahnel Headshot

Dustan Hahnel  | MA (LIT)


ALA | San Antonio College

BA| Texas Tech University | English, concentration in Literature and Language

Research interests: Victorian Literature, 19th century science fiction, book history, digital humanities

Profile picture for Alison Haley

Alison C. Haley | MATC

BA | University of Texas at San Antonio

Research interests: technical and professional writing


Jacob Hall (LIT)


Profile picture of Hankey

Leslie Hankey | PhD (TCR)
MSIDC | Southern Polytechnic State University
BBA | University of Georgia

Research interests: technical communication, information design, user experience, and visual rhetoric



Kathleen Hardesty (TCR)



Alex Hawkins (LIT)

Leah Heilig

Leah Heilig | PhD (TCR)

BA | St. Cloud State University | English, literature emphasis
MA | St. Cloud State University | English, rhetoric and writing emphasis

Research interests: Community writing, data visualization, civic engagement, document design, and web accessibility

A New Essay: Hashtag Campaigns as Community Writing. Conference on College Composition and Communication, Houston, TX 2016.

Discovering Your Inner Starbucks: Personality Quizzes as Cultural and Digital Literacy in FYC. Computers and Writing annual conference, University of Wisconsin--Stout, 2015. With Joshua Chase.


Zachary Hernandez (LIT)


Kristen Holcomb (TCR)


Andrew Hollinger (TCR)


Gregg Howard (LIT)


Austen Hubbard


Angie Hunter (LIT)



Katherine Jackson (LIT)

Kylie Jacobsen

Kylie Jacobsen | PhD (TCR)

BA | Southwest Minnesota State University | Professional Writing and Communication
MA | Iowa State University | Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication

Research Interests: visual rhetoric, data visualization, technical communication, usability, graphic design, risk communication


Megan Jenkins (TCR)

 Profile picture of Erin Jerison

Erin Jerison | MATC (TCR)


BA | Purdue University |English - Professional Writing

Research interests: Editing, accessibility, disability, visual rhetoric, new media, user-centered design, document design, information design, social media


Angela Johnson (TCR)


Melissa Johnson (LIT)


Danielle Karr (TCR)


Lisa Kassem (TCR)

Mark L. Keats

Mark L. Keats | PhD (CW)


AA | Howard Community College | English

BA | University of Maryland, College Park | Japanese Language and Literature

MFA | University of Maryland, College Park | Creative Writing/Fiction

Research interests: contemporary magical realism, history and theory of the novel, translation theory and praxis

Selected Publications:

"Visions of My Father," crag, Forthcoming 2018

"Eule am Grab," a Novel Excerpt from Loud and Mute Birds, Cosmonauts Avenue, September 2018

"Surnames," a Video Essay, Aquifer: The Florida Review Online, September 2018

"Ken Deed," Joyland Magazine, April 2018

"Mr. Wolf's Foreclosure," Ghost Parachute, April 2018

Selected Presentations:

Intimate Lecture on Asian American literary history by Karen Tei Yamashita, followed by Kundiman reading featuring Karen Tei Yamashita, Vt Hung, Mark L. Keats, and Sejal Shah, July 2017.
"To Grade or Not to Grade: Assessment and Undergraduate Creative Writing," Association of Writing & Writing Programs (AWP), March 2017.

John King Headshot 

John King | PhD Student (LIT)


BA | Rice University | Political Science

Doctor of Jurisprudence | University of Texas Law School | Law

MBA | Rice University | Business

Master of Liberal Studies | Rice University | Liberal Studies

MFA | Vermont College of Fine Arts | Creative Writing

Research Interests: Creative Nonfiction, fiction short stories


"End of Innocence": The MacGuffin Literary Journal: Winter 2014 (Vol. XXX No. 2);

"A Place Called Hope": Open Minds Quarterly: Winter 2014; "Red Petticoat": Foliate Oak Literary Magazine: September 3, 2014 (http://www.foliateoak.com/john-king.html);

"A Measure of Solace" : The Examined Life: A Literary Journal, Carver College of Medicine: Fall 2014 (Vol. 4 No. 1);

"Yellow": The MacGuffin Literary Journal: Spring 2015 (Vol. XXXI No. 2);

"Commencing Again": The Kindness of Strangers, Wising Up Press. Decatur, Georgia 2016


"Carrying the Reader With Us: Transitions in Creative Nonfiction": Vermont College of Fine Arts, July 2016;

"A Moveable Feast: Exploring Essay Arrangement,": Vermont College of Fine Arts, January 2017


Maeve Kirk (LIT)

Knight Headshot 

Wilson Knight | PhD Student (TCR)


BA | The University of Mississippi | English

MAT | Mississippi State University | Community College Education, English

Research Interests: deathcare rhetoric, queer theory, technical communication, composition pedagogy, pop culture, rhetoric of horror

Selected Presentations:

"'We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes': Exploring the Nuances of Composition and Rhetoric in a Hitchcock-Themed First-Year Composition Course," Southwest Popular/American Culture Association, February 2018.

"Dismantling Inequality through Dialogues of Conscience," New Jersey College English Association, April 2017.

"Diversity in Higher Education: Training New Leaders," PFLAG National Convention, Fall 2015.

"Writing Center Pathologies," Southeastern Writing Center Association, Fall 2013.

Profile picture of Koenig

Abby Koenig | PhD student (TCR)


BFA | SUNY, Purchase | Dramatic Writing
MA | UH | Mass Communication

Research interests: Media and culture, online rhetorical discourse and generational behavior, feminism

Publications: "Spaghetti Code," full-length play presented in Houston, TX

Profile picture of Jack Labriola

Jack T. Labriola | PhD student (TCR)

BA | SUNY at Cortland | English and Professional Writing
MATC | Texas Tech University | Technical Communication

Research interests: User experience design (UX), content strategy, information design, networked learning, online collaboration technologies

Labriola, J.T., McCarthy, M., Obi, C. (2014). An Exploratory Look at Online Instruction Delivery Across Electronic Devices. Proceedings of the 32nd ACM International Conference on Design of Communication.

Labriola, J. (2014). Review: Cross-cultural technology design: Creating culture-sensitive technology for local users. In Communication Design Quarterly. 

Labriola, J. (2014). Fostering Startups through Content Strategy. Council for Programs in Scientific and Technical Communication Conference. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Labriola, J., McCarthy, M., Obi, C. (2014). An Exploratory Look at Online Instruction Delivery Across Electronic Devices. 32nd ACM International Conference on Design of Communication. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

CCCC. (2013). Network knowledge making. Undergraduate poster session.

CCCC. (2014). From student to professional: Role-playing writers and professional gamers.Presentation session.


Alfonsina Lago (LIT)


Brian Larsen is a PhD student in the English Program with specializations in Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction. He holds an MA in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama from University College Dublin, where he wrote a thesis on Post-colonial silence in Seamus Deane's novel Reading in the Dark; he also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Washington and has lived in the Ivory Coast, Taiwan, Ireland, Benin, and Italy. His poems have been published in North American Review and The Found Poetry Review.

He was a finalist for the 2013 Morton Marr Poetry Prize. Currently, he is researching the original production and reception or W. B. Yeats' poetry for British and American markets. He has over six years of teaching experience at both community colleges and universities.

 Jesse Lawhead Headshot

 Jesse Lawhead | MA (LIT)


BA | Cedarville University | English

Research interests: hybrid prose forms, magical realism, existentialism, and skateboarding as urban spacial critique.

 Profile picture for Apryl Lewis

Apryl Lewis | PhD (LIT)


BA | Texas Tech University | English

MA | Texas A&M University-Commerce | English

Research interests: 20th & 21st Century American Literature, African American Literature, Trauma Studies, Critical Race Theory, Sports Culture


"'Broad Stripes and Bright Stars' of Misdirection: Donald Trump's Use of Patriotism in Response to NFL Players' Protests." SportInAmericanHistory, 5 Jan. 2018, https://ussporthistory.com/2018/01/05/broad-stripes-and-bright-stars-of-misdirection-donald-trumps-use-of-patriotism-in-response-to-nfl-players-protests/


"Pariahs of the Sports World: Black Athletes Push Against White Supremacy Through Protest." Texas Tech University Literature, Social Justice, and Environment (LSJE) Speaker Series. Lubbock, TX. September 2017.

"Text-Meaning Within Sports Culture: How Professional Athletes Use Their Platforms to Bring Attention to Social Issues." Dartmouth College Futures of American Studies Institute. Hanover, NH. June 2017.

"Healing and the Ecosystem in Gloria Naylor's Mama Day." Texas Tech University Sowell Collection Conference. Lubbock, TX. April 2017.

"Healing in Death: Black Communities and Trauma in Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye and Sula." National Association of African American Studies (NAAAS). Dallas, TX. February 2017.

"Shattering Stereotypes, Adapting to Change: Roddy Doyle's The Deportees and Other Stories." South Central Modern Language Association Conference (SCMLA). Dallas, TX. November 2016.

"An Antidote to Trauma: The Slave Narratives of Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs." Texas Tech Comparative Literature Symposium. Lubbock, TX. April 2016.


Kristina Lewis | PhD (LIT)


BA | Sam Houston State University | English

MA | Sam Houston State University | English

Research interests: Classical poetry, Old and Middle English poetry, genre studies, the narrator, composition and rhetoric, post-structural feminist theory

Selected Presentations:

"Mægð Modigre or Þeodnes Mægð: Judith's Heroism in the Anonymous Anglo-Saxon Judith," California State University at Long Beach, April 2018.

"'She Is Indeed Resolute': Rebecca's Monstrous Revenge," Society for the Comparative Literature of the Arts, October 2018.

Profile picture of Lomax

Lance Lomax | PhD (LIT)


Research interests: Transpacific Studies, Film & Media Studies, Comparative Literature

Selected Presentations:

"The Other Side of Progress: Neglected Figures in Ozu's Tokyo Story." Texas Tech Comparative Literature Symposium. Lubbock, TX. April 2018.

"Stepping Out: Women, the Home, and a Changing Indian Identity in Tagore's The Home and the Worldand Ghosh's The Shadow Lines." Texas Tech Comparative Literature Symposium. Lubbock, TX. April 2017.

 Profile picture for Dina López

Dina López | MATC (TCR)


BA | Texas Tech University | Spanish and French (with distinction)

Research interests: Composition Pedagogy, Web Design, and History of Education for Hispanics in Texas

Selected Presentations:

"Family Trees, Histories, and Stories," Texas Folklore Society, April 2017, and the East Texas Historical Association, October 2017.

Cat Mahaffey Headshot

Cathy Mahaffey |  PhD (TCR)


MA | UNC Charlotte | English with Literature Emphasis

BA | UNC Charlotte | English

Research Interests: Rhetoric and New Media, Accessibility, Online/Digital Literacy, Online Writing Instruction (OWI)

Profile picture of Mangum

Rick Mangum | PhD (TCR)

BA | Brigham Young University | English

MA | Northern Arizona University | English Literature | Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing

Research interests: visual rhetoric, usability testing, pedagogy, and the study of metaphor.

 Head shot of Kerry Manzo

Kerry Manzo | PhD (LIT)

Kerry Manzo (pronouns: they/them/their) is a fifth-year doctoral student at Texas Tech University Department of English in Lubbock, Texas. Their areas of interest include West African literature, South Asian literature, queer theory and literature, and social justice issues in literature. They are currently working on their dissertation, which examines the impact of counterpublics, or social imaginaries constituted by shared attention to texts and discourses, on the emergence and production of African literature, with a specific focus on Nigeria. Specifically, it considers the material influence of the Mbari movement—a 1960s transnational counterpublic that promoted and connected artists and writers of the Black Atlantic—on trends in African publishing. The project also considers the afterlife of Mbari in Nigerian queer counterpublics and argues that the discourses of these counterpublics must be understood in their relation to both indigenous sexual traditions and the implanted heterosexual public. Kerry's paper, "Making the Invisible Visible: The Consequences of Privilege Salience in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children" is published at the South Asian Review. In the summer of 2014, Kerry was honored to be a participant in Dartmouth College's “Futures of American Studies Institute.” They are also a recipient of the William Bryan Gates Graduate Award in English, and a member of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society since January 2015.

Profile picture of Martin

Sarah Martin | PhD (TCR)

BA (with distinction) | University of Virginia | Sociology
MBA | Naval Postgraduate School

Research interests: visual rhetoric, business communication, cross-cultural communication, persuasion

Martin, S. and King, C. (2010) "Ethos and Leader Communication: Examining Responses to a Policy Change Memo," Proceedings from the 75th Annual Convention. The Association for Business Communication.

Martin, S. (2012) "Visual Rhetoric of Recruiting Campaigns: Comparing the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps." The Association for Business Communication, 77th Annual Convention.
King, C. and Martin, S. (2012) "Strategic Communication: Research and Practice." The Association for Business Communication, 77th Annual Convention.

Profile picture of May

Jamie May |PhD (TCR)

BA | Southeastern Louisiana University | English
MA | Southeastern Louisiana University | English/Professional Writing

Research interests: composition pedagogy, entertainment media, document design, workplace writing pedagogy

Profile picture of McCauley

Angela McCauley | PhD (TCR)


MA in Public Policy and Management | University of Texas at Brownsville
BA in Communication from The University of Texas Pan American

Research interests: technical communication, organizational communication and community development; particularly, grant writing narrative, organizational identity and communication, social justice in technical communication, and scholarship activism

Profile picture of McClure-Baker

Sheri McClure-Baker | PhD (TCR)

BA | English
MA | Literature
Advanced certificate of study, Composition

Research interests: race studies, online teaching, rhetoric of conflict and disaster

The Modern Day Dirge: Using Narrative to Reclaim Racialized Space in the Classroom - presented at WPA 2010
Geographies of Race: Rethinking Race and Space in the Composition Classroom - presented at CCCCs 2010
Race and Literacy in the Virtual Classroom, presented at PCA/ACA 2013

Brook McClurg Headshot 

Brook McClurg| PhD (LIT)


BA | Columbia University | Creative Writing, Fiction

MFA | Rutgers University | Creative Writing, Nonfiction

Research interests: Narrative and hybrid nonfiction, postmodernism, speculative fiction, lyric narratives, and screenwriting.


Bethany McKinney (LIT)


Jennifer Mclaughlin (TCR)

 Megahan Headshot

 Angelia Megahan │MA (LIT)


BA │Tougaloo College │Interdisciplinary Humanities, English

JD │ University of Texas School of Law

Research interests: women's literature, creative nonfiction, social movements, multicultural literature, prose fiction, social justice and the environment, romance languages & literatures (Spanish), gender & sexuality and human rights.


Mitchell Milam (LIT)

 Head shot of Alexis Milmine

Alex M. MacNicol-Milmine | PhD (LIT)


BA | University of Texas at Permian Basin | English, History, Political Science

MA | Texas Woman's University | English, Political Science

Research interests: Intersectional anxiety and matrices of fear in Anglo-Saxon homiletics and hagiographyAnglo-Saxon literature, apocalypticism, eschatology, early insular homiletics, Carolingian homiletics and theology


"'Ic Þa Beheold Þone Ormætan Lig': Anglo-Saxon Constructions of the Apocalypse Legend as Religious and Communal Threats of Damnation." Apocalyptic Chic: Visions of the Apocalypse and Post-Apocalypse in Literature and the Visual Arts, edited by Barbara Brodman and James E. Doan, Rowman and Littlefield, 2017.

"Retracing the Shambling Steps of the Undead: The Blended Folkloric Elements of Vampirism in Bram Stoker's Dracula," in The Universal Vampire, edited by Barbara Brodman and James E. Doan, Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, 2013.

Selected Presentations:

"The Intersectional Anxiety of Personal Piety and Communal Salvation in The Old English Martyrology," International Medieval Conference, 10 May 2018, Kalamazoo, MI. Conference Presentation.

"Sympathetic Satan Before Milton Remix: The Characterization of Satan and the Harrowing of Hell in Christ and Satan and York

Corpus Christi Plays," International Medieval Conference, 12 May 2017, Kalamazoo, MI, Conference Presentation.

"Reform for the End is Near: Ælfric's Homiletic Constructions of Apocalypse as Expressions of Religious and Communal Anxieties," Texas Medieval Assocation Conference, College Staton, TX, September 2017. Conference Presentation


Kourtney Moore (TCR)

 Profile picture for Maureen Morasch

Maureen Morasch |PhD (TCR)


BA | Washington State University-Vancouver, English

BA | Washington State University-Vancouver, Humanities

MLIS | University of Washington, Library & Information Science 

Research interests: Dissertation writing, doctoral student writing preparation, power balance in students-advisor relationships, writer identity


Embedded reference: Providing research guidance within the education courseroom. (2013). Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning, 7, 297-312. DOI: 10.1080/1533290X.2013.783524

If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere: Providing reference
and instructional library services in the virtual environment. (2012). Co-authored with Elizabeth Leonard. Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship, 24, 257-267. DOI: 10.1080/1941126X.2012.731946


Point-of-Need Resources in the LMS: Providing Performance Support to Thousands of Online Graduate Students. Co-presented with Kimberly Read at the Association of College and Research Libraries 2015 Conference, March 26, 2015, Portland, OR.

Luke Morgan

Luke Morgan | PhD (LIT)


BA | Abilene Christian University | English, History

MA | Texas Tech University | English

Research interests: ecocriticism, environmental justice, literature of the American West, speculative fiction, dystopia and utopia, environmental documentary and narrative film


"The Wild in Our "Own Backyard": Urban Homesteading as Theoretical Middle Ground," Kudzu House Quarterly 4.2, (September 2014), Florida State University Press.

Review of Beyond the Fruited Plain, by Kathryn Cornell Dolan, Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, 22.3 (August 2015), Oxford University Press.

Selected Presentations:

"(Place) and Indigeneity in Contested Urban Spaces: Exploring Kennedy's The Garden", South Central Modern Language Association, November 2016.

"Urban Farmers and Rural Values: Profaning Agrarian Cultures in Food Criticism", Western Literature Association National Conference, September 2016.

"City Green and a Fractious Imaginary: Accounting for Place in Sustainable Ideology", Modern Language Association National Conference, January 2016.

"Understanding Cli-Fi's Hesitance to Hope: Natural Relationship and Ecological Ideology in Bacigalupi's The Water Knife," Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Conference, February 2016.

"Growing Together: A Case Study in Challenges of Diversity and Ethics in NFP Urban Agriculture," Moral Cultures of Food: Access, Consumption and Production from Past to Present at the University of North Texas, April 2015.


 Kirsten Morris (TCR)


Kali Morrison (TCR)


Michael Morrissey (TCR)


Ahmed Muhammad (LIT)

Profile picture of Muncie

Nancy Muncie | PhD student (TCR)



Profile picture of Kenna Neitch

Kenna Neitch| PhD student (CLGT)

BA | Texas Lutheran University | English, Philosophy

MA | Texas Tech University |  English

Research interests: Transnational Feminism, Resistance Theory, Central American Contemporary Literature, Women of Color Non-Fiction, Transnational and Digital Organizing

 Head shot of Duc Nguyen

Duc Nguyen | PhD (TCR)

BA | English Language
BS | Information Technology
MBA | Business Management

Research Interests: Some interdisciplinary areas between TC/rhetoric and other disciplines, e.g., usability testing, localization and translation (esp. machine translation), and argumentation studies.


Jennifer Nichols (TCR)


Morgan Noble (LIT)


Kevin O'Donovan (LIT)

 Profile picture of Victoria O'Hara

Victoria O'Hara | MATC 

Claire Oldham 
Claire Oldham | MATC 

BA | Texas Tech University

Profile picture of Fer O'Neil holding a microphone

Fer O'Neil | PhD (TCR)


BA | University of Maine at Farmington |English

MA | Minnesota State University, Mankato | Technical Communication and Rhetoric

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/feroneil

Professional: Knowledgebase Technical Writer III at ESET, security software

Research interests: User-centered design, ethics, technical communication, information and document design, technology, usability, information security and communication


O'Neil, Fer. 2016. "Scrambling to Communicative: Privacy Policy Content for Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield." CyberTech.

O'Neil, Fer. 2015. Ethics Case Study: Special Edition on Ethics in Technical Communications, STC Intercom (Fall).

O'Neil, Fer. 2015. Target Data Breach: Applying User-Centered Design Principles to Data Breach Notifications. Proceedings of the 33rd Annual International Conference on Documentation. ACM, New York, NY, USA.

O'Neil, Fer. 2015. Perceptions of Content Authoring Methodologies in Technical Communication: The Perceived Benefits of Single Sourcing. Professional Communication Conference (IPCC), 2015 IEEE International.

O'Neil, Fer. 2015. "Say What? Required contents of notice in data breach notifications." We Live Security.

O'Neil, Fer. 2011. "The Technical Writer's Influence on Social Media Strategy." Techniques (Spring): 8-9.

Selected Presentations:

STC San Diego, 2016. San Diego. "Content Analysis for Technical Communicators."

Tcworld tekom 2015, Stuttgart, Germany. "A Second Chance for a Good First Impression: How Technical Writers Can Use Overlay Help Wizards for Documentation."

IEEE Procomm 2015, University of Limerick, Ireland: "Perceptions of Content Authoring Methodologies in Technical Communication: The Perceived Benefits of Single Sourcing."

ACM Sigdoc 2015, University of Limerick, Ireland: "Target Data Breach: Applying User-Centered Design Principles to Data Breach Notifications."

Techsmith interview, 2014, online: Making support videos and differences from instructional videos.

STC Live Webinar 2012: Using YouTube Videos to Enhance "Traditional" Documentation.

STC Summit, 2012, Chicago: Using Videos to Enhance "Traditional" Documentation.

Lavacon Conference on Content Strategy and TechComm Management, 2012, Portland: Using Internal Resources to Coordinate a Multi-Language Information Management System.

Writers User Assistance, 2012, Memphis: Creating Flash Rollover Images with Captivate and Snagit.

STC Summit, 2011, Sacramento: Beyond the Bleeding Edge - The Technical Writer's Influence on Social Media Strategy. 

SW/TX PCA/ACA Conference, 2011, New Mexico: Is Technical Communications Rhetorical? Ought It Be?

Profile picture for Michael Opsteegh
Michael Opsteegh | PhD (TCR)

BA | California State University, Long Beach | English

MA | California State University, Long Beach | English, Rhetoric, and Composition

Research interests: Ethics, User Experience, Human Factors, Data Visualization, Visual Rhetoric, Typography, Risk Communication



Shelby Oubre (LIT)


Jaime Patterson (LIT)

Profile picture of Patterson

Laura Patterson | PhD (TCR)


BA | University of Saskatchewan | English
MA | University of Saskatchewan | Interdisciplinary Studies - Rhetoric, Popular Media, & Culture

Research interests: Technical communication pedagogy; service learning in technical communication; engineering education and technical communication

(2014). Community engagement in a first-year engineering communication course: Increasing student numbers from handfuls to hundreds. Paper presented at the 121st American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition, Indianapolis, IN.


O.W. Petcoff 
O.W. Petcoff | MA (LIT)

BS | Southern Illinois University | Communications, English

Research interests: Semiotics, Dystopia and Utopia, Technical Writing, Rhetoric, Developmental Reading and Writing Instruction, Autism, Learning Differences, Sensory Integration, Adult Education, Community College Instruction, Graphic Illustration, Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, Document Design, Curriculum Design and Instruction

 Kim Phillips
Kimi Phillips | MATC 

BA | Texas Tech University | Technical Communication and Rhetoric

Research interests: Social Media, Editing, Information Design, User-Centered Design, Digital Rhetoric, Rhetorical Theory 

 Bhawana Pillai
Bhawana Pillai | PHD (LIT)

BA | University of Delhi | English

MA | University of Delhi | English

MPhil | University of Delhi | English

Research interests: Victorian Literature, Indian Women's Autobiographical Writings, African American Women's Writings and Slave Narratives, Indian Writing in English


Manny Pina (TCR)


Bradley Plummer (TCR)

 Trisha Pokrass
Trisha Pokrass | MATC 

BA | Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi | English

MA | Texas Tech University | Technical Communication and Rhetoric

Research interests: Rhetorical Ecology, Rhetoric of Science, Social Media, Adolescent Literacy, First Year Compositions, Composition Pedagogy

 Profile picture of Jennifer Popa

Jennifer Popa | PhD (LIT)

 Cynthia Pope Headshot
Cynthia Pope | PhD (TCR)

MA | Minnesota State U | Communications
MA | Minnesota State U | Rhetoric/Composition
MS | Minnesota State U | Reading

Research Interests: Rhetoric of Public Art, Document Design, Experience Architecture, and Composition Studies


Samodh Porawagamage (LIT)


Matthew Porto (LIT)

Profile picture of Pressley
Hugh Pressley | PhD (TCR)

M.Ed. | College of Charleston | Languages

B.A. | Charleston Southern University | English Education

B.A. | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Languages

Research interests: Visual Rhetorics, Information Design, Public Education Administration, Intercultural Issues in Technical Communication


Thomas Scott Randall (TCR)


Catherine Ragsdale (LIT)


Georgianna Ravenna (LIT)

Profile picture for Eric Melvin Reed

Eric Melvin Reed | PhD (TCR)


M.S., Political Science, University of Nebraska at Omaha
M.A., English, University of Nebraska at Kearney
M.A., History, University of Nebraska at Kearney

Research interests: rhetoric of History and social sciences

Publications (selected):
Adventures in the West: Stories for Young Readers. (Co-Editor). Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2007.
From the Beginning: A Century of Excellence at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. (Co-Author). Kearney: University of Nebraska at Kearney Press, 2005.
"The Old Man and the Prairie: Definitions of Masculinity in Willa Cather's 'Neighbour Rosicky' and Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea." Teaching Cather, 9(2), 2013: 16-21.

 Daniel Riechers
Daniel Riechers | PhD (TCR)

AAS | Fox Valley Technical College | Avionics Technology

BLS | University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh | Liberal Studies, English

MA | University of Minnesota | English Literature

MS | North Carolina State University | Technical Communication

Research Interests: Rhetoric of Environmental Health, Rhetoric of Science, Technology, and Medicine, Public Engagement with Science, Information Design, Faculty Development, Grant Writing

Marcus Roberts | MA (LIT)
BA | Texas Tech University | French, Minor in Linguistics

David Robledo (TCR)


 David Ryan (TCR)

Profile picture of Bernadette V. Russo

Bernadette V. Russo (LIT)


Sara Ryan (LIT)



Janie Santoy (TCR)


David Scott (TCR)


Taryn Seidler (TCR)

 Profile picture of Meghan Self

Meghan Self| PhD (LIT)


Profile picture of M. Shealy
Mark Shealy | PhD (TCR)

MA | Mississippi State University | English

MS | University of North Texas | Information Science

Research interests: Online Education, Learning Management Systems, Writing Program Administration, Feminism, New Materialism, Embodiment, Philosophy of Technology

 Head shot of Kate Simonian

Kate Simonian (LIT)


Sierra Sinor (TCR)

 Profile picture of Macy Skipworth

Macy Skipworth | PhD (LIT)


BA | Lubbock Christian University | English
MA | Texas Tech University | English

Research interests: film and media studies, African American film and literature, jazz studies, early 19th-century media and economy

Selected Presentations:

"Reclaiming Western Nostalgia: High Noon, Rio Bravo, and the Demarginalizing Western." Christian Scholars' Conference. Nashville, TN. 7 June 2017.

"'Isn't that Subjective?': Cultural Elitism and Institutional Setting of Jazz Performance in Whiplash." Conference of College Teachers of English. Hurst, TX. 4 March 2017.

"Jazz's Jab at Free Jazz: Ken Burns, Wynton Marsalis, and the Agency of Canonization." Meeting of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association. Seattle, WA. 22 March 2016.

"'So much of life in its meshes!': Dependence on Men and Marriage in Nella Larsen's Quicksand and Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God." Texas Tech Arts and Sciences Graduate Research Conference. Lubbock, TX. 30 October 2015.

"500 Days of Summer and the Non-conventional Romcom." Texas Tech Arts and Sciences Graduate Research Conference. Lubbock, TX. 10 October 2015.

 Profile picture of Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith | PhD (LIT)



Terry Smith (TCR)


Brandi Smith-Irving (TCR)


Cecilia Solis-Sublette (TCR)

Sarah Sprouse Headshot 

Sarah Sprouse | PhD (LIT)

BA | Virginia Commonwealth University | English
MA | George Mason University | English

Research interests: vernacular and Latin medieval literature, Welsh identity and nationalism, ecocriticism, codicology, archipelagic criticism, Middle English romance, early modern antiquarianism, vernacular and Latin chronicles

"Lady Bertilak's Pearls: Instrumenta Dei and the Stone Imagery that Unites the Cotton Nero A.x. (art. 3)." Arthuriana (Forthcoming)

"Two Sets of Two Hunters: The Illusion of Gomen in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight." Comitatus 47 (September 2016): 163-188.

"The Associative Branches of the Irish Barnacle: Gerald of Wales and the Natural World." Hortulus: The Graduate Journal of Medieval Studies 11.2 (May 2015): 26-53.

"Ending The Dualism Of Nature And Industry In The Lord Of The Rings." Mallorn: The Journal of The Tolkien Society 51 (2011): 27-31.

"In Sickness and In Health: The Boethian Narrative of the Two Geralds of Brecon." Treason: Medieval and Early Modern Treachery, Betrayal and Shame. Ed. Larissa Tracy. Leiden: Brill, 2018. (Forthcoming)

Book Review: Callan, Maeve Brigid. The Templars, the Witch, and the Wild Irish: Vengeance and Heresy in Medieval Ireland. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2015. For Comitatus 47 (2016): 269-271.

Book Review: Sims-Williams, Patrick. Irish Influence on Medieval Welsh Literature. New York: Oxford University Press, 2011. For Peritia 27 (2016): 301-303.

Selected Presentations:
"Brut Lost? Brut Found: The Curious Case of The Historie of Cambria," 2018 Congress of the New Chaucer Society: Toronto. July 10-15, 2018.

"A Communally-Produced Topography of Wales: Marginal Annotation in the Manuscripts of Giraldus Cambrensis," 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies: Western Michigan University. May 10-13, 2018.

"Pastoral Assemblages in Culhwch ac Olwen: Green Resistance to the Giant," 2018 Modern Language Association Annual Convention: New York City. January 4-7, 2018.

Briana Stewart | MA (LIT)

BA |  Texas Tech University 

Research interests: Specializing in Creative Writing: Fiction


 James Stewart (TCR)


Andrea Stone (TCR)

 Profile picture of Erica M. Stone

Erica M. Stone | PhD (TCR) 

Research interests in the flow of information in a globalized technoculture, social media's role in identity development, and public intellectuals' role in history and popular culture. In 2016, Erica gave a TEDx talk urging academics to engage with the public and publish in accessible places. In 2017, she served on the CCCC 2017 Planning Committee for the Writing Program Administrators Graduate Organization. She teaches speech and composition courses at the University of Missouri Kansas City and online composition classes for Georgia Military College.


Will Streit (TCR)


Melissa Taylor (TCR)

 Profile picture of Robby Taylor

Robby Taylor is a PhD student in English specializing in creative writing.

Profile picture of Elizabeth Thorpe
Elizabeth Thorpe | MATC 

BA | Northern Arizona University | English

BA | Northern Arizona University | Philosophy

 Katie Tighe
Katie Tighe | MATC 

BA | Texas A&M University | Telecommunication Media Studies, Spanish Minor

Research interests: Editing, Technical Writing, Usability, Writing Center Pedagogy, Graphic Design, New Media, Mediated Communication, Intersection of Rhetoric and Technology


Jeremy Tow (TCR) 

 Rebecca Trammell
Rebecca Trammell | MA (LIT)

BA | Texas A&M University | English

MEd | Texas A&M University | Secondary Education, Curriculum, and Instruction

Research Interests: Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth Century Literature, Multicultural Literature, Speculative Fiction, Feminist Perspectives

Profile picture of C. Tran

Charity Tran | PhD (TCR)


Kyle Traylor| PhD (LIT) 


Michael Trice (TCR)

 Steven Tucker
Steven T. Tucker | MA (LIT)

BA | Texas Tech University |  English, Minor in Linguistics

Research interests: Dime Novels, Early Science-Fiction, Graphic Novels and Comic Books, Library Sciences, Book History

Profile picture of Jessica Ulmer

Jessica Ulmer | PhD (TCR)


BA | Westfield State University | English Education
MEd | Elms College | English Education
MA | Rhode Island College | English Composition and Rhetoric

Research Interests: transfer of writing-related knowledge, disciplinary literacies & pedagogies; first-year composition as writing studies, children's and adolescent literatures, literacy and motivation, and developing digital literacy in writing courses.


 Head shot of Sarah Banschbach Valles

Sarah Banschbach Valles | PhD (LIT)

BA | Texas A&M University | English
MA | University of Texas of the Permian Basin | English

Research interests: Renaissance poetry, lyric, early modern religion and politics, ritual studies, spatial studies, material culture, book history, digital humanities, intersections between textual and visual arts, writing centers

"Aestheticism and Violent Delight in the Sister Arts of A. C. Swinburne and Simeon Solomon." Poetry in Pre-Raphaelite Paintings: Transcending Boundaries. Eds. Sophia Andres and Brian Donnelly. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2018. 121-136.

"Writing Center Directors and Diversity: A Survey." Co-authored with Dr. Rebecca Babcock and Dr. Karen Keaton Jackson. The Peer Review 1.1. Fall 2017.

"Hi Ho, Cyborg!: Savages, Cyborgs, and Gender on the Science Fiction Frontier." Contemporary Westerns. Andrew Patrick Nelson, ed. Toronto: Scarecrow Press, 2013. 107-118.

"Secretaries of Praise: George Herbert and Gerard Manley Hopkins." St. Austin Review 2.3 (May/June 2012): 12-16.

Selected Presentations:
"'Of nuptial Sanctity and marriage Rites': Milton's Theory of Conversation and Ritual." 2017 Conference on John Milton, Birmingham, AL, Fall 2017.

"A Demographic Survey of Writing Center Directors Focused on Aspects of Diversity."
Co-presenter with Dr. Rebecca Babcock. International Writing Center Association,
Denver, CO, Fall 2016.

"Holy and Unholy Conversations: Liturgy, Law, Love, and Lapsarianism in Milton's Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce and Paradise Lost." The Fourth Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, St. Louis, MO, Summer 2016.

"The Politics of the Poetry of Place: Henry Vaughan's Silex Scintillans and Welsh Resistance during the English Revolution." The 48th Comparative Literature Symposium, Lubbock, TX, Spring 2016.

"'O more than Moone': Inverting Cosmological Tropes in John Donne's Epithalamia." The 5th Annual Arts and Humanities Graduate Student Research Conference, Lubbock, TX, Fall 2015.

Peter Vertacnik 
Peter Vertacnik | MA (LIT)

BA | Penn State University | English

Research interests: Poetry Writing, Contemporary Poetry, Prosody, Translation (German and Latin), Literary Criticism, Creative Non-Fiction, Early Modern English Literature

 Tanner Walsh
Tanner Walsh | MATC 

MA | Philosophy | TTU

BA  | Philosophy | Minnesota State University, Mankato

Research interests: rhetorical theory/argumentation, user-centered design, ethics, composition, and technical communication pedagogy


Theresa Walsh (TCR)

Valerie Wayson | PHD (LIT)

BA | University of Texas at Austin | Linguistics, French

MFA| Georgia College | Creative Writing

Research interests: Travel writing, historiography, linguistics


"Don't Say It," Flexible Persona, October 2017

"Heavier Concerns," Coldnoon: Interational Journal of Travel Writing and Travel Cultures, June 2017

"Fire," Cargo Literary Magazine, September 2016


Jessica Weber (TCR)


Kristen West (TCR)

 Douglas Westfall
Douglas Westfall | MA (LIT)

BA | Texas Tech University | English, Philosophy

MA | Texas Tech University | Philosophy

Research interests: Ethics, Victorian Literature, Discourses between Literature and Philosophy as it applies to Social Reform


Mary Ann Widerburg | PhD

 Profile picture of Darin Williams
Darin Williams| PHD (TCR)

BA/Morehouse College/Mathematics

MA/UC Berkeley/Education

Darin has been an educator for more than 10 years. However, his day job is consulting in environmental, health and safety management. Most of his clients operate in the energy sector and rely on his leadership to develop documents to meet industry standards. Darin collaborates with technical writers, content experts and educators to implement sustainable programs. His research interests include risk communication, climate change policy, corporate training, machine learning and productivity software.

Dorothy Williams
Dorothy Williams | MATC 

BA | McMurry University | English

Research interests: Instructional Design, Social Justice through Technical Communication, Pedagogy, Whiteness Studies, Intercultural Communication


Fred Winchester (LIT)

 Yifan Zhang
Yifan Zhang | MA (LIT)

BA | The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research interests: Literary Theory, Postcolonialism, Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Culture, and Identity

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