Texas Tech University

Technical Communication and Rhetoric | Undergraduate Courses

General Information

  • All courses require completion of ENGL 1301 and 1302 before enrollment.
  • Some courses require additional prerequisites, as indicated below.
  • English 2311 counts toward a student's 12 hours of English General Degree Requirement.
  • Face-to-face courses are taught in networked computer classrooms.
  • A number of courses are offered online, including 2311, 3362, 3365, 3366, 3368, and 4380.

Concepts and Methods Emphasized in all Courses

  • Understanding documents as tools of solving workplace problems
  • Analyzing audiences, needs, and constraints
  • Gathering information through primary and secondary research
  • Writing for efficient reading and use
  • Communicating ethically


Detailed course descriptions for Fall 2017

Course Title Prerequisite/Description
2311 Introduction to Technical Communication Prerequisite: ENGL 1301 and 1302. Introduction to patterns of writing used in reports and letters for business, industry, and technology
3360 Issues in Composition Prerequisite: 6 hours of 2000-level English courses. Exploration of principles and practices in rhetoric and writing. Substantial writing required.
3362 Rhetorical Criticism Prerequisite: Junior standing. Introduction to methods of rhetorical criticism; the nature, scope, and function of rhetoric, classical and modern theories of rhetoric; practice in applying critical methods to discursive and non-discursive artifacts.
3365 Report Writing Prerequisite: Junior standing. Preparation of professional and academic reports and publications through the use of communication analysis.
3366 Style Prerequisite: Junior standing. Investigation of the varieties, characteristics, and function of prose style in technical and professional writing.
3367 Usability Testing Prerequisite: ENGL 2311 or 3365. Principles and techniques of testing online and print documents, using video and digital equipment, with emphasis on rhetorical effectiveness and usability of graphics, text, and format.
3368 Web Design Prerequisite: ENGL 2311 or 3365. Principles and techniques of designing usable Web sites, with emphasis on needs assessment, information architecture, and navigation
3369 Information Design Prerequisite: ENGL 2311 or 3365. Principles of design, visual rhetoric, and visual communication; application of those principles in document design.
4360 Studies in Composition (Advanced Composition) Prerequisite: 6 hours of 3000-level English courses. Intensive examination of one or more issues in the study of writing. May be repeated once for credit when topics vary. Substantial writing required.
4365 Special Topics Prerequisite: ENGL 3365 or consent of the instructor. Development of complex documents, such as manuals, proposals, and newsletters. May be repeated once for credit when topics vary.
4366 Technical and Professional Editing Prerequisite: 6 hours of 3000-level English courses. Methods of editing and publishing in business, science, technology, and the professions. Practical experience with editing reports and publications produced in the university and community.
4367 Developing Instructional Materials Prerequisite: 6 hours of 3000-level English courses. Preparation of instructions for complex procedures with focus on task and user analysis, organization, format, and usability testing.
4368 Advanced Web Design Prerequisite: ENGL 3367, 3368, or 3369. Advanced study of content design for database web sites using interactive design using single-sourcing and programming technologies.
4369 Interaction Design Prerequisite: English 3367, 3368, or 3369. The study of information gathering for design of efficient user interaction with software and hardware through adaptive interfaces, dynamic text structures, and single-sourcing methodologies.
4378 Internship in Technical Communication Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing, declared major in technical communication and approval of the director of technical communication. Supervised work in technical communication. Requires a portfolio and research paper.
4380 Professional Issues in Technical Communication Prerequisite: Senior standing, declared major or minor in technical communication, and one ENGL 4000-level course or approval of the Director of Technical Communication. Advanced study of trends in technical communication, application of theory in a community service-learning project, and preparation of a professional portfolio.