Texas Tech University

Technical Communication

Theory, history, practice, teaching, and management of workplace communication, including the genres of reports, manuals, and proposals, and the skills of document design, style, and editing in a variety of media.


Of the 27 graduate courses available in the TCR program, the following focus especially on technical communication:

5066 Teaching Technical and Professional Communication. Theory and teaching of technical and professional writing with special attention to developing course objectives, syllabi, and teaching techniques.

5371 Foundations of Technical Communication. Theory and practice of technical communication.

5372 Technical Reports. Theory and practice of reports and proposals.

5373 Technical Manuals. Theory and practice of manual development and design.

5374 Technical Editing. Substantive editing and design of technical documents.

5375 Document Design. Theory and practice of creating comprehensible, usable, and persuasive texts.

5376 Online Publishing. Design and testing of online documents to support instruction and information retrieval.

5383 Grants and Proposals. Theoretical issues and practical experience dealing with the genre and process of writing grants and proposals.

5387 Publication Management. Strategies of managing processes and knowledge that support publication.

5388 Usability Testing and Research. Methods of planning, conducting, and analyzing usability tests.

Note: All courses may be repeated for credit when the topic varies.

Selected Dissertation and Publication Titles

  • Knowledge-Building Spaces in Technical Communication: Navigating a Tertiary Orality
  • Teaching Intercultural Communication in a Service Technical Writing Course: Alternative Ways of Presenting Intercultural Issues in Technical Writing Textbooks and in Real Classrooms
  • Open-Source Software Development and User-Centered Design: A Study of Open-Source Practices and Participants
  • The Role of Rhetorical Invention for Visuals: A Study of Technical Communicators in the Workplace
  • Technical Communication in the Public Sector: Convergence Analysis of Historical Discourse and the Reports of the Immigration Commission, 1911
  • Web-based Training Evaluation in the Workplace: Practices, Instructional Architectures, and Skills
  • Ethos and Exigence: The White Paper in Technical Communication
  • Decision-Making as a Rhetorical Act: The Role of Choice in the Design and Delivery of an Online Education Program
  • Editing from the Author's Viewpoint: Results of an International Survey
  • Editing from the Author's Viewpoint: Cross-cultural Results
  • Editing from the Author's Viewpoint: Results of an International Survey
  • Editing from the Author's Viewpoint: Cross-cultural Results