Texas Tech University

Technology, Culture, and Rhetoric

History, theory, and analysis of tools, techniques, and epistemologies--including feminism, ethics, and intercultural analysis--in the production and reception of discourse.


Of the 27 graduate courses available in the TCR program, the following focus especially on technology, culture, and rhetoric:

5365 Alternative Rhetorics. Consideration of non-western, feminist rhetorical texts

5369 Discourse and Technology. Study of the effects of computer networks and digitally mediated knowledge management on theoretical, practical, and pedagogical notions of discourse and discourse communities.

5377 Theoretical Issues. Special topics in areas such as cultures, feminisms, and genres.

5385 Ethics and Technical Communication. Definitions, philosophies, and applicability of ethics to technical communication problems and solutions.

5386 Discourse and Social Issues. Study of uses of written discourse in problem solving on social issues involving science or technology.

Note: All courses may be repeated for credit when the topic varies.

Selected Dissertation and Publication Titles

  • Linking Contextual Factors with Rhetorical Patterns in Chinese and American Business Letters: Moving toward Convergence?
  • Culture and Context: Invention and Style in Historical and Contemporary Regulations
  • Translation Issues in Chinese Folk Medical Texts
  • Technical communication learning on the United States-Mexico border: Factors affecting cross-cultural competence in globalized settings
  • A Comparison of Greek and Chinese Rhetoric and Their Influence on Later Rhetoric
  • The Untold Story about Greek Rational Thought: Buddhist and Other Indian Rationalist Influences on Sophist Rhetoric
  • "Toward a Feminist Rhetoric of Technology."
  • "International Digital Studies: A Research Approach for Examining International Online Interactions."