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Education Courses Required to Acquire Teaching Certificate

The Teacher Certification program is now called TechTeach! Here is some information on how the program works.

What are blocks? Blocks are groups of courses that a student will take concurrently (in the same semester). The College of Education manages this part of a student's certification process and requires that prospective teachers apply to the Secondary Education program and be approved prior to their enrollment in the block courses. Admission is competitive and requires a 2.75 GPA as well as 72 hours of coursework which includes transfer work and work currently in process. Your program should be planned so that all or most of your academic coursework (but especially your English coursework) is completed before you begin your blocks.The blocks are to be taken in your final three semesters at Tech, beginning with your next to the last Spring. Although students may be allowed to begin Block 1 in a Fall, the preference is to have you begin them in that next to the last Spring. The blocks have to be taken in order (block 1 followed by block 2, etc.).

How much time should I expect to put into these last three semesters in terms of Education courses?

Block One: Coursework will consist of 10 hours (three 3 credit courses plus a one-hour course). Students can expect to be in a high school setting one day each week and in Education courses most of two other days on the TTU campus.

Block Two: Although coursework will only add up to 6 hours (two three-hour courses), students will be in the high school setting for 4 days a week leaving one day for classes on the TTU campus. There will also be an Education course scheduled on one morning (might be at high school, might be at TTU). Students are limited to online or evening courses during this block, which is the first half of student teaching.

Block Three: This second half of student teaching consists of 12 hours of coursework (two 3-hour classes and one 6 hour class). Students will again be in the high school setting four days. The fifth day will contain two Education classes so will essentially be full, but it's not yet known whether these two classes will be offered at the high school or at TTU. At this point (and maybe for the foreseeable future as the program grows) things are still being negotiated.

For a visual representation of the blocks please click here

Additional classes required:

EDSE 2300 is required of all students doing the secondary education programs. This class will also assist you in completing either or both the Individual or Group Behavior and the Multicultural requirements in the 2013 and prior catalogs. Starting in the Fall 2014 catalog, EDSE 2300 will no longer count toward the new Social and Behavioral Sciences (old Individual and Group Behavior) requirement.

EDIT 2318/3318: This course was required prior to Spring 2013. Students who begin their blocks in Spring 2013 or later no longer have to complete this course.

  • Pertinent information:
    To find EDSE 2300 in MyTech you must use the subject heading “Secondary Education.” Most people would assume that it would be under “E” for Education, but it's not. It's under “S” for Secondary Education.
  • When do I apply for the blocks? You do this early in the semester before you want to take Block One. Once you have completed a pencil plan (plan for remaining classes), you will have a better idea of when this is.
  • Additional info: The blocks are to be taken in the listed sequence and should be placed in the final three semesters you are here at Texas Tech. Prior to beginning Block Two students should have taken and passed their state-level content area test (English). Additional coursework may be taken during your student teaching semesters, but must be scheduled at night or outside of student teaching times (roughly 7:30 AM to 4 PM). English 4374 is to be taken along with Block 1 but there may be some instances where it will be taken with Block 2. Once you have been accepted into the Secondary Education program, you will be advised by an Education advisor and helped through the additional requirements of the certification process. They will tell you which courses make up the blocks. They will also give you directions for completing the Criminal Background check and for taking the state tests required of certification.
  • In order to apply to the Secondary Education program, you must have a 2.75 grade point average (GPA). By the time you finish the program your English classes must also average 2.75. That means that straight "C's" won't work.