Texas Tech University

What is the Tasklist?

The Admitted Student Tasklist provides a comprehensive checklist of steps for a student to take prior to beginning classes at Texas Tech University. The Tasklist tracks your completion of each items you need to complete.

Accessing the Tasklist

You must be fully admitted to Texas Tech University for at least 24 hours and have activated your eRaider username and password to access the Tasklist.

  • Fully Admitted for at least 24 hours
  • Undergraduate Student
  • Degree-Seeking
  • Attending the Lubbock Campus

If you are receiving an "Unmatched Registration Attempt" error, you are either not yet fully admitted or our information on your admissions application does not match the above criteria.  Please contact the Office of Admissions at 806-742-1480 to change any of your application information, if needed.

If you have verified the above information, you may need to wait 24-48 hours after admission before you can access the Admitted Student Tasklist.

Tasklist Items

It may feel like there are lots of tasks for you to complete, but each item is important for a successful transition to Texas Tech University and every item should be completed.  Each item is personalized to you.

The Admitted Student Tasklist is your one-stop-shop to take care of things like:

Getting Connected

  • Activate TTU Email
  • Sign up for Emergency Alerts
  • Review Recommended Computer Configurations
  • Review Student Handbook
  • Update Preferred Name
  • Update Chosen Identity


  • Verify College & Major Selection
  • Take the FOCUS Assessment
  • Texas Success Initiative Requirements
  • Learn about Math Placement Exam
  • Learn about Chemistry Placement Exam
  • Learn about Spanish Placement Exam
  • Submit Final Transcripts
  • Review Course Catalog

Housing, Hospitality & Parking

  • Meet Housing Requirement/Sign Up for Housing
  • Register Vehicle/Purchase Parking Permit
  • Review Renter's Insurance Options

Financial Aid/Scholarships

  • Apply for Financial Aid
  • Submit External Scholarship Notification Form
  • View/Accept Award Packages
  • Learn about Tuition and Fees


  • Register for Red Raider Orientation
  • Register for Red Raider Camp
  • Submit Photo for Student ID/Raider Card
  • Review Schedule Builder
  • Register for Class

Student Health & Wellness

  • Submit Immunization Records
  • Take "Voices for Change" Education Course
  • Learn about Healthcare while at TTU

How to Use Your Tasklist

Each Tasklist item has a step by step instructions on how to complete the item. 

Please read and complete each item with attention to any given dates. Ideally, you should complete all your Tasklist items prior to your scheduled Red Raider Orientation session.

 Please contact the appropriate departments if you have any questions.

Action to Take

Each Tasklist item has a step by step instructions on how to complete the item. Carefully read and follow all instructions for completing each item.

Remember, your Tasklist is personalized to YOU and may be different that other students.

Completing Items

Within your custom Tasklist, you will see three ways completed items are tracked:

Automated GearAutomated Item. This step will automatically be marked as complete within 24 to 48 hours after you complete an automated task (such as reserving your orientation date). 

checkboxManual Item. After you have completed this step, you can mark the item as complete by clicking on the checkbox. 

pending iconPending Item. This step will become available at a later date or
after you have completed all required prerequisite steps.  Read the instructions for details.

Get Help

Within the Tasklist, click on the question mark to see contact information to get help completing any particular item. Each item has a different contact office.

Help IconGet Help. Within the Tasklist, click on the question mark to see contact  information to get help completing any particular item. Each item has a different contact office.

By contacting these offices directly, you will get the most accurate information to answer your question.

We have also answered some common frequently asked questions to help you out.

Congratulations and Welcome

Again, congratulations and we look forward to welcoming you to campus as a Red Raider!

All items on the Tasklist are specific to you, and are required to complete your transition to Texas Tech.

You should complete all your items prior to your RRO session to ensure a smooth advising process.