Texas Tech University

Chemistry Placement Exam

The Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE) is an online tool used to place students into a general chemistry course appropriate for their background. The Chemistry Placement Exam measures comprehensive, basic chemical vocabulary and math applications. In order to enroll in CHEM 1307 (Principles of Chemistry), students must take and pass the chemistry placement exam, irrespective of any prior courses they have taken or degrees they have completed.

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Do I need to take the Chemistry Placement Exam?

Any student required to take CHEM 1307 (Principles of Chemistry) must take the Texas Tech University Chemistry Placement Examination (CPE) unless you have already taken a College level or dual credit chemistry course equivalent to CHEM 1307 or have an AP Chemistry score of 4 or above. SAT, ACT, or TSI scores will not exempt you from this requirement.

Use the list below to find out if the Chemistry Placement Exam is required for your major.

College Major Required
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Agribusiness  
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Agricultural and Applied Economics  
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Agricultural Communications  
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Agriculture-Interdisciplinary  
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Animal Science Y
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Conservation Law Enforcement  
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Food Science  
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Landscape Architecture  
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Natural Resource Management  
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Plant and Soil Science Y
Architecture Architecture  
Architecture Architecture/Civil Engineering Y
Arts and Sciences Anthropology  
Arts and Sciences Biochemistry Y
Arts and Sciences Biology Y
Arts and Sciences Cell and Molecular Biology Y
Arts and Sciences Chemistry Y
Arts and Sciences Classics  
Arts and Sciences Communication Studies  
Arts and Sciences Economics  
Arts and Sciences English  
Arts and Sciences Exercise Sport and Sciences/Kinesiology  Y
Arts and Sciences General Studies  
Arts and Sciences Geography  
Arts and Sciences Geophysics Y
Arts and Sciences Geosciences Y
Arts and Sciences Global Studies  
Arts and Sciences History  
Arts and Sciences International Economics  
Arts and Sciences Languages and Cultures  
Arts and Sciences Mathematics  
Arts and Sciences Microbiology Y
Arts and Sciences Philosophy  
Arts and Sciences Physics  
Arts and Sciences Political Science  
Arts and Sciences Psychology  
Arts and Sciences Social Work  
Arts and Sciences Sociology  
Arts and Sciences Spanish  
Arts and Sciences Technical Communication  
Arts and Sciences Zoology Y
Business Accounting  
Business Energy Commerce  
Business Finance  
Business General Business  
Business International Business  
Business Management  
Business Management IS  
Business Marketing  
Education Multidisciplinary Science  
Education Mulit disciplinary Studies  
Engineering Chemical Engineering Y
Engineering Civil Engineering Y
Engineering Computer Engineering Y
Engineering Computer Science Y
Engineering Construction Engineering Y
Engineering Electrical Engineering Y
Engineering Engineering Technology Y
Engineering Environmental Engineering Y
Engineering Industrial Engineering Y
Engineering Mechanical Engineering Y
Engineering Petroleum Engineering Y
Honors Honors Arts and Letters  
Human Sciences Apparel Design and Manufacturing  
Human Sciences Community, Family, and Addiction Services  
Human Sciences Early Childhood  
Human Sciences Family and Consumer Sciences  
Human Sciences Human Development and Family Studies  
Human Sciences Human Sciences  
Human Sciences Interior Design  
Human Sciences Nutrition Y
Human Sciences Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics Y
Human Sciences Personal Financial Planning  
Human Sciences RHIM  
Human Sciences Retail Management  
Media & Communication Advertising  
Media & Communication Electronic Media and Communications  
Media & Communication Journalism  
Media & Communication Media Strategies  
Media & Communication Public Relations  
Visual and Performing Arts Art  
Visual and Performing Arts Dance  
Visual and Performing Arts General Studies  
Visual and Performing Arts Music  
Visual and Performing Arts Theatre Arts  
Pre-Professional Health Careers Pre-Medicine Y
Pre-Professional Health Careers Pre-Dental Y
Pre-Professional Health Careers Pre-Optometry Y
Pre-Professional Health Careers Pre-Pharmacy Y
Pre-Professional Health Careers Pre-Nursing  
Pre-Professional Health Careers Pre-Physical Therapy Y
Pre-Professional Health Careers Pre-Occupational Therapy  
Pre-Professional Health Careers Pre-Speech Language and Hearing  
Pre-Professional Health Careers Pre-Physician Assistant Y
Pre-Professional Health Careers Pre-Clinical Laboratory Sciences Y